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How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home

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Mold is never something that you want to see in your home. Some varieties can be dangerous to the health of you and your family. The challenge with mold is that it can thrive anywhere that has moisture and a food source. This includes walls, carpets, air ducts and ceiling tiles to name a few. The effects of mold in the home range from allergy problems to more serious respiratory infections.
While it is difficult to eliminate mold entirely the following tips can help to prevent excessive mold growth in your home.

Identify problem areas.

Mold thrives in moist areas. If you find a moisture source in the home such as a flooding basement, regular condensation on a window or ceiling water stains, this is a prime spot for mold growth and should be addressed. Other potential problems areas to periodically inspect include attics and under sinks.

Dry out immediately.

Mold can begin to form within 24 to 48 hours in a moist area, so it is important after a flood in the home that you dry out the area as quickly as possible to inhibit this growth. Soil-Away’s flood restoration can do just that with industrial equipment and a team of professionals.

Proper ventilation.

One of the best ways to prevent moisture in the home is through proper ventilation. This is particularly important in high-moisture rooms of the home; bathroom, kitchen, laundry room. Any appliances that use moisture should always be properly vented outside.

Monitor indoor humidity levels.

Recommended indoor humidity levels are between 30 and 55 percent. This humidity level should be monitored, either through the home’s HVAC system or using a moisture meter.

Direct outdoor water away.

If your home is located on a slope, water can quickly collect, seeping into the basement through the foundation. Making some changes to the landscaping can correct this problem.

Address household plants.

Indoor plants with their moist soil are a perfect breeding ground for mold. This can then spread to other areas of the home. Instead of eliminating all of your indoor plants, use high quality soil and remove debris such as dead leaves that accumulate on the soil.
Taking these steps to limit mold growth in your home can ensure that you and your family have a healthier living environment.

If you do find mold, this should be addressed by a professional. The team at Soil-Away is skilled at removing mold safely and effectively. Click here to contact us.

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