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Mold is not very fun to deal with. It can develop if given food, moisture and time to grow. Many building materials can be susceptible to microbial growth, especially during times when there is a lot of rain or humidity. As such, it often develops in places like the attic, the basement, or near plumbing fixtures such as under the sink or by the shower. There are many different types of mold, and they impact people differently. Some can cause health issues and those concerns should be brought up with your personal physician. Even if mold is simply suspected, one should get consider testing for it, as mold can both present potential dangers to health and also to the structural integrity of the building it is found in. If mold is confirmed through testing, one should pursue a mold remediation estimate immediately to start the cleanup process.

Mold Remediation Estimate Needed

After suffering from some allergy symptoms for a few weeks and noticing a musty smell in her basement, a Windham, NH homeowner decided it was time to figure out what was going on. She suspected that mold had developed, but was unable to find signs of it by herself. She hired a professional mold testing company who confirmed an issue and that remediation was necessary. It was time to get a mold remediation estimate, but she was not sure where to go or how to start. She almost put it off longer, but happened to mention it while talking to her brother, who insisted she needed to get it taken care of immediately. He gave her the number to call Soil-Away (603-641-6555).

Calling a Mold Remediation Service

She called Soil-Away and set up an appointment for them to come in for the mold remediation estimate that was timely and fit with her work schedule. Soon enough Soil-Away’s certified estimator came to review the property and mold inspection report. From there, they could develop the game plan to get rid of the mold and solve the issue that had plagued her for around a month.

Having the Remediation Done

Soil-Away’s mold removal team disposed of the basement carpet that was where the mold had started. They then set to work cleaning and drying the rest of the basement, this included HVAC air duct cleaning. For the next couple of days, HEPA air scrubbers were used to get rid of the remaining airborne spores in the air. Finally, after all of that was completed, post-testing was done to verify that there was not any mold left. The tests came back clear, much to her relief. She was amazed by the difference as her allergy symptoms soon cleared up and the smell she had grown used to was gone. The homeowner made sure to take a business cards to share with all her friends the great work Soil-Away had done.
Do not let a mold problem get the better of you. If you have mold or suspect that mold has developed in your Windham property feel free to contact the restoration professionals at Soil-Away (603-641-6555) to schedule a mold remediation estimate. Soil-Away is family owned, operated and has been in business since 1990.

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