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The First 24 Hours After a Flood: What to Do

Homeowners tend to worry about damage from a fire to the home more than any other disaster. While a fire can be devastating, a flood comes with its own fair share of damage and lasting clean up concerns. The likelihood that a home will flood at some time, whether from a burst pipe, overflowing bathroom faucet, or storm damage, is much higher than that a fire will strike. Yet many homeowners are unsure of what do when they find water in their home.

Leaking Water

The first priority is to find the source of the water. If the water is continuing to leak unwanted into the home, you will need to take action immediately to stop this. In the case of a broken pipe or other malfunction, this will mean turning off the water to the home. To prevent further damage and the risk of electrocution, turn off the power to the home as well.

Document Damage

Many homeowners in this time of stress forget to document the extent of the damage prior to beginning the clean-up process. Taking photos before removing the water is important, as this will be evidence for your insurance company down the road.

After the insurance company has been contacted and the damage documented, the real clean-up can begin. A professional disaster restoration company, like Soil-Away, can remove the water using industrial equipment quickly and efficiently.

Drying Process

Once the water that you can see has been removed, the real drying process can begin. After a flood one of the biggest concerns is the floor, from carpet and hardwood to the subfloor underneath. While the padding may need to be discarded to prevent mold growth, in some cases the carpet can be salvaged if the water was uncontaminated. For hardwood flooring, the drying process must be controlled and slow to prevent cracking and buckling of the wood.

Mold growth can set in quickly, the start of which may begin after only 24 hours, so it is imperative that the drying out process begin immediately. Soil-Away’s team of restoration experts comes equipped with tools to make this process happen swiftly and completely, easing present and future worries for the homeowner.

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