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Reach Out for Water Damage Restoration ASAP!

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A landlord heads down to his basement to find that there are small pools of water under a dripping pipe.  The damage is minor from what it appears.  The landlord dries the wet areas with a fan and checks the pipes for a possible leakage.  He patches up the areas on the pipe where dripping occurs without noticing any major issues.  The landlord is uncertain if he truly has a leakage and believes a “quick fix” is all that is needed to fix the pipe and water damage.

The Dangers of a Leaking Pipe

Over the next couple of days, the dripping intensifies, and the landlord finds himself constantly drying the small damp areas of his basement where puddles of water were left.  He continues patching the pipes and places buckets under the areas that have a leakage.  As more days pass on, small amounts of mold develop underneath the dripping pipes.  The landlord realizes he should have given more attention and care to his leaky pipes.  He fears that more mold and water damage may occur if he doesn’t find immediate help.

Effects of Water Damage

If the landlord doesn’t properly fix the pipes on his own or find immediate help fixing the leakage in his pipes, more water damage will occur over time.  The water damage may include:

  • Damage to wood, furniture, household appliances, upholstery, electronics, and plumbing equipment
  • An increased risk of mold due to high moisture content for an extended period of time
  • Flooding from fully broken pipe
  • Hidden damage and possible deterioration under floors and behind walls
  • Contaminated water
  • Weakening pipes and reducing the water pressure coming out of the pipes
  • Waste of natural resources
  • Money coming out of your pocket for repairs

Ways to Prevent Water Damage

The best way to prevent water damage from ever occurring is to be vigilant.  Look around your house and take note of areas that don’t look quite right and may need extra attention.  Be sure to fix areas that need fixing but be sure you know what you are doing.  There is no sense trying to make a “quick fix” of anything.  If there is anything out of your control or you can’t properly fix it on your own, contact a plumber or a professional restoration service to help you restore and repair your home.  Take immediate action and don’t wait for the water damage to get worse.  Listed below are common signs of potential water damage:

  • Water dripping from pipes
  • Flooded or wet areas
  • Change in water pressure
  • Extreme weather conditions like freezing and unfreezing
  • High water bills
  • Areas with mold
  • Difficulty breathing, usually from the development of mold
  • Warped or cracked flooring
  • Smelling mustiness or mildew
  • Areas with rust


Ask Soil-Away for Help!

Obviously, a small leakage of pipes can develop into serious water damage if it is not attended to right away.  While the landlord intended to fix up the pipes on his own, he didn’t fix them properly and should have looked for advice from a restoration service company like Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services.  Don’t try to do it yourself if you have even the slightest doubt about how to repair water damage.  Instead, contact Soil-Away.  Soil-Away is a local business based in nearby Hooksett that has trained damage restoration professionals with over 25 years of experience.  The certified professionals have the proper equipment and knowledge for water damage restoration. You can call Soil-Away at (603) 641-6555.
By A. Phelps

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