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Mold in Basement – Derry, NH 03038

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A Derry, New Hampshire man was experiencing severe itchy, watery eyes and throat when he entered his basement. He only experienced these allergy-like symptoms on wash day when he entered the room to load up his washing machine and dryer. He thought this was rather odd and considered that the detergent could be the cause of his suffering because allergy season was far behind him. It was the middle of winter so the only thing that could be causing his reaction had to be the detergent or fabric softener, right? One day while he was loading up his dryer, he accidently tossed a wet sock behind the washing machine. He went to retrieve the damp sock from behind the washer when he caught a glimpse of a large dark patch on the wall behind it.
He pushed back the washing machine to take a better look at the dark mysterious patch and discovered a large colony of fungi growing just behind the washer. It looked to be spreading towards the dryer as well. He now had to deal with mold in basement issues.
He immediately called his neighbor and longtime friend who was a construction worker to seek his advice on the matter. He recalled hearing that bleach could help resolve the problem but he wasn’t quite sure about how to use it correctly. After speaking with his friend, he learned that not only is bleach ineffective in removing mold, but it can, in turn, make the problem a lot worse over time and his best bet was to call a professional mold remediation company for help to get rid of the mold in basement properly.

Let’s take a closer look at mold

Mold is a microscopic organism that can multiply by producing spores. This reproduction is similar in nature to the way seeds are produced by plants and vice versa. As a defense mechanism, mold creates a chemical substance called mycotoxin which can be extremely irritating to humans. This is why seeking professional help after discovering that mold is present is imperative to stabilizing healthy living conditions in your home or business.

Mold remediation process

After the Derry resident called Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration, a certified team arrived on the scene and immediately contained the affected area of the home. They thoroughly secured the basement area with a plastic sheet covering to help protect against cross contamination. For the mold removal, the expert team cut out and disposed of all affected porous building materials such as drywall and carpeting. Simultaneous to the demolition, HEPA negative air machines were setup to purify the environment by removing any contaminants from the air. The entire area was HEPA vacuumed and sanitized with an antimicrobial cleaning agents. The mold in basement was no more!

Professionally dealing with mold in basement

Soil-Away is an IICRC certified cleaning and restoration company that has been servicing the New Hampshire area for over 25 years. They pride themselves on industry-level quality service rooted in integrity and customer care. While the company remains diligent in delivering quality results, they recommend that the best way to combat against mold is to keep the environment clean and dry at all times; also provide mold- prone areas with proper ventilation to help combat unwanted fungi growth.  If mold growth has taken over your home or business, call (603) 641- 6555 to work with the remediation professionals at Soil-Away.
written by M. Wilson

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