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Soil-Away offers 24/7 water and fire damage cleanup services to members of the Goffstown, New Hampshire (NH) community. If your property is flooded or has been affected by soot/smoke damage, we will be ready to respond quickly to your needs. Soil-Away will work with your insurance company to minimize the stress of a claim. We have been a trusted cleaning and restoration contractor in southern New Hampshire for 25 years.

Goffstown residents also turn to Soil-Away for indoor air quality solutions. We offer certified mold remediation, air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning services. Do not let potentially harmful contaminants affect your quality of life. Call us today for a cleaning or remediation estimate. To learn more about how we are currently serving in the community of Goffstown, please check out some recent projects below.

Goffstown, NH recently completed projects

Water Damage Cleanup Company

– A tree branch crashed through a window during a recent rain storm. The family was not home to address the situation. Heavy rain blew into the second story window for hours. The master bedroom carpets were ruined. The kitchen below was soaked. The ceiling was saturated and starting to collapse. The family chose Soil-Away as their preferred water damage cleanup company for any emergency situations. A crew was on site shortly and had the place completely cleaned up the same night.

Soot Damage Removal Services

– Oil furnace malfunctions are a frequent occurrence in NH. One form of a malfunction is known as a puff back. When a puff back occurs, soot is spewed throughout the entire house. At this point, professional soot damage removal services are required to clean the entire structure and contents. Soil-Away recently completed a soot damage cleanup job from a puff back in a home off of Elm Street in Goffstown.

Mold Cleanup

– Suspected microbial growth in a finished basement was confirmed by an industrial hygienist’s testing. Test results revealed extremely elevated mold spores in the home. Further investigation identified the mold to be on the back side of the sheetrock walls. Soil-Away was called in to perform extensive mold cleanup and remediation services. All affected building materials and contents had to be disposed. The remaining structure was thoroughly cleaned. Follow up testing by the industrial hygienist confirmed a successful mold cleanup.

Rug Cleaning Service

– A Goffstown senior living facility had rugs throughout its property. When the new facilities director took over he immediately wanted to bring in a professional rug cleaning service to revitalize the aging rugs. Replacement was not in the budget, so cleaning was the best option. Fortunately Soil-Away won the contract and was able to bring the rugs back to a presentable condition. The facility director was so happy that he put the rugs on a semi-annual cleaning maintenance program.

Duct Cleaning Contractor

– A renovation at an office complex building was nearing completion. The refurbished space was going to house various small businesses and local entrepreneurs. The grand opening was just days away when the hired duct cleaning contractor cancelled their appointment to clean the air ducts. The panicked owner and general contractor did not know where to turn. A quick online search resulted in the information for Soil-Away. Soil-Away got the air duct cleaning completed within the impossible timeline and the complex opened as scheduled.

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