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Flood Damage Cleanup – Concord, NH

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It was shopping day for Madeline. She decided to go to the local department store in Concord, NH to pick up a few things. On her way in she got a pretzel and a large soda. She was nearly finished shopping when she began to need the restroom. The large soft drink was the culprit. She headed to the bathroom in a rush. As she walked in, she noticed the floor was flooded. She heard a hissing noise. As she bent over to look under one of the stalls, she saw water squirting from behind the toilet. Emergency flood damage cleanup was needed immediately at the shopping center restroom.

Dealing with flood damage cleanup

She alerted one of the cashiers and showed her the problem. After giving her directions to the next nearest restroom, the cashier called Adam, the store manager. He arrived quite promptly and, after quickly accessing the situation he turned off the water. The toilet supply line had broken. After notifying the custodian, he quickly returned to his office and looked up a number on his phone. The responsibility of running a business can be very touch-and-go. Having this type of problem can cost the store a lot of money: Not just for repairs (he was sure he was insured for this type of emergency), but if the store had to close for any length of time, he would lose customers. With the water damage in the bathroom, he was going to need flood damage cleanup and fast.

Causes of supply line breakage

The major reason for the toilet supply lines breaking is the nut at the end of the supply line. Years ago these parts that were affixed to the supply line were made of sturdy materials like brass. Now, most of them are made of plastic. This is not at all an improvement since these nuts can’t be tightened sufficiently before they crack. The best suggestion; speak with a plumber and have them inspect your toilet supply line. If they find a plastic one, they can quickly replace it with a much sturdier metal one. All this for a fraction of the cost of repairing all the water damage this could cause.

Finding professional help for water damage repairs

After finding out what was wrong, Adam had decided to call a professional flood damage cleanup company. Luckily, he had the number of an efficient company in his phone. A short time ago, he ran into the same problem at his home. Because of a clogged toilet, his home had filled with water pretty quickly. At the time, he had looked up information online and found Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration. They had done a magnificent job at extracting the water and making his home clean and safe.  

Soil-Away is quick, friendly, knowledgeable, and are available 24/7. Adam was happy he had decided to put their number into his phone. It came in pretty handy for this flood damage cleanup situation at his Concord, NH store. He called them immediately and, as usual they were there relatively quickly. They assessed the damage and were soon busy repairing all the damage. If you have flooding, call Soil-Away. Their number is 603-641-6555.

Written by E. Aceves

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