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Water Extraction Services – Epping, NH

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A flooded building can cause a significant interruption to a company’s operation. A business that sustains water damage to their property may need to close its doors temporarily. This can result in lost revenue and lost customers. For this reason, all businesses should build a relationship with a water damage restoration company before a disaster happens. Restoration companies, like Soil-Away, offer “emergency flood and fire disaster programs” to help companies prepare and deal with such situations. This program was especially helpful to one Epping, New Hampshire (NH) business that needed emergency water extraction services on a holiday weekend.
A salesperson at an Epping auto dealership arrived early on a Saturday morning to prepare for the anticipated rush of the holiday weekend sale. She was surprised to discover a half inch of water spread across the entire 3,000 square foot showroom floor. A toilet supply line had let loose overnight. There must of have been thousands of gallons a water flooding her business. Water extraction services were needed immediately. Fortunately, the auto dealership was prepared. Soil-Away and the dealership had setup an “emergency flood and fire disaster program” just three months earlier. Fast water extraction services were just a simple call away.

Immediate Water Extraction Services

The water extraction services were executed flawlessly by Soil-Away’s team. The salesperson was letting the water damage cleanup crews into the flooded showroom just 45 minutes after the call. Four technicians worked feverishly to extract all the water from the concrete floors. Powerful truck-mounted flood extraction units made quick work of the mess. The crews finished at 9:10am. There was still 50 minutes before the showroom opened. The technicians setup fans to dry up any remaining moisture on the floors. By 10:00am the place looked perfect. No one would even believe that thousands of gallons had flooded the showroom just hours earlier.
The flood at the Epping auto dealership could have spelled disaster for the business. It was their busiest weekend of the year. They ended up breaking all their previous sales records on that day. Closing the doors because of water damage was unthinkable. Irrecoverable revenue would have been lost if they had not built a relationship with Soil-Away. Water extraction services are never needed at a convenient time. They catch most businesses off guard. Being ill-prepared is not an option. The auto dealership’s management team was extremely thankful for Soil-Away’s water extraction services. It had saved their business for the day.

About Soil-Away

Soil-Away helps families and business recover from property disaster. This includes floods, fires and mold. One of the ways in which Soil-Away helps local businesses is through setting up “emergency flood and fire disaster programs” with their commercial clients. This case study of an Epping auto dealership is a perfect example of the importance of having a plan. A toilet supply line broke. It flooded the showroom. They needed immediate water extraction services. If a plan was not in place, they would have wasted countless hours scrambling to mitigate the situation themselves.
Soil-Away specializes in flood and water extraction services in Epping, New Hampshire (NH). Soil-Away cleanups up fire and water disaster along the entire 101 corridor in NH from Peterborough to Portsmouth. The company is available 24/7 to help you recover from property disaster.

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