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Month: January 2019

Smoke Odor Damage – Manchester, NH

Smoke Odor Damage – Manchester, NH

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An apartment complex in Manchester, NH recently sustained fire and smoke damage. One of the residents burned their casserole after leaving it in the oven for too long.  While the fire was taken care of rather quickly, the smoke travelled throughout the complex and into other rooms.  The fire was put out and the charred objects were removed. However, the remnants of smoke remained for days on end. Professional smoke odor damage cleaning was needed.

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Ice Dam

Ice Dam Prevention Tips

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Ice dams. The two words strung together are enough to put fear in the heart of New Englanders, and rightfully so. Ice dams are caused by icicles and frozen water damaging the gutter and loosening shingles. The result is water backing up into the house which can leave behind extensive damage. The damage can be repaired by a team like the restoration professionals at Soil-Away, but the best course of action is to take the necessary steps to prevent ice dams from even forming.

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Soil-Away Offers Sanitization Services During Restoration

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Soil-Away Offers Sanitization Services During Restoration
Hooksett, NH – In their effort to fully restore homes and businesses to their pre-disaster state, Soil-Away offers sanitization services. Soil-Away’s reputation for providing stellar restoration services after a fire or flood in a home or business has made them a leader in the area. The company also offers sanitization services as part of this restoration process.

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Fire and Water Damage Repair- Derry, NH

Fire and Water Damage Repair – Derry, NH

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The need for fire and water damage repair was not at the top of the year’s to-do list for one building owner. A science facility in Derry, NH which they owned experienced a huge fire in one of its labs.  Faculty evacuated the building quickly, and thankfully no one was hurt, but the fire caused serious damage to the lab.  The smoke and excessive heat triggered the interior sprinklers. Several of the building occupants tried to put out the fire themselves. Fortunately the firefighters came quickly and hosed down parts of the lab to put out the fire.

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