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Fire and Water Damage Repair – Derry, NH

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The need for fire and water damage repair was not at the top of the year’s to-do list for one building owner. A science facility in Derry, NH which they owned experienced a huge fire in one of its labs.  Faculty evacuated the building quickly, and thankfully no one was hurt, but the fire caused serious damage to the lab.  The smoke and excessive heat triggered the interior sprinklers. Several of the building occupants tried to put out the fire themselves. Fortunately the firefighters came quickly and hosed down parts of the lab to put out the fire.
After the fire was cleared, the room was left charred and smoky. There were pools of water and moisture that started developing on the areas where the fire was put out.  While the sprinklers and the firefighters were intended to put out the fire and save the room, they soaked the already burned structures, which soon led the room to have both fire and water damage.  People may not consider both fire and water damage to happen together, but oftentimes these go hand in hand.  The owners of the lab knew they needed to invest in both fire and water damage repair and restoration.

The Devastating Effects of Fire and Water Damage

Just putting out a fire isn’t enough.  The aftermath of the fire, including the soot, leftover burned and charred materials, as well as the flooding and moisture can be worse than the fire itself. These difficult situations should be properly taken care of by a professional restoration contractor.
Fire damage will ruin your personal items, walls, cabinets, counter tops, and clothes. Anything that is in the way of the smoke and fire is at risk.  But not only will it ruin objects, fire damage in the form of soot and smoke will leave a terrible odor and stain surfaces.
Water damage frequently follows fire damage. You see this when a fire causes pipes to burst or sprinklers to go off, as in the case with the science lab.  The pools of water left can also damage property, the floors and carpets.  Additionally, mold can develop, if water damage is left unmitigated.  The owners of the lab have a larger problem on hand than just a fire.  They now need to get a fire and water damage repair company out to take care of the aftermath left from the horrible incident.

Call Soil-Away Right Away for Fire and Water Damage Repair Services!

Thankfully the owners reached out and called Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services when they did, otherwise their situation might have been far more devastating.  If soot and moisture were to linger and mold were to develop, the owners may have been shutting down their lab for an extended period.
The owners called a local fire and water damage repair and restoration company called Soil-Away.  Soil-Away offers 24-hour emergency services and has been in the restoration business since 1990.  What the owners liked about Soil-Away is that the technicians are IICRC-trained professionals who not only cleared out the damage and restored the facility but offered a disaster prevention plan that will be effective for years to come.
Additionally, Soil-Away was able to provide services not only for fire and water damage cleanup, but also soft contents restoration and rebuilding construction services.  Soil-Away will do it all for you and leave your business, facility, or home cleaned, restored and happy!  Call Soil-Away today at (603) 641-6555.
By A. Phelps

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