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Disaster Restoration Services – Merrimack, NH

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When disaster strikes your Merrimack, New Hampshire (NH) property you want to be prepared. Soil-Away specializes in emergency disaster restoration services. This article provides a few quick tips to help property owners respond with confidence and peace-of-mind when their home or business has sustained damage. For additional advice or to arrange for emergency disaster cleanup services call the team at Soil-Away (603-641-6555).

When is disaster recovery and restoration needed?

Property disaster can strike any time. It can consist of a flood, fire and mold damage situation. The most common water damage losses in New Hampshire result from burst pipes, ice dams, appliance failures and storm damage. Fire damage, which also includes soot damage, can derive from a wide variety of sources including the following: chimney fires, oil furnace puff-backs, cooking fires and electrical fires. Mold damage is frequently found in attics and basements where water intrusion, elevated moisture and humidity levels can lead to microbial growth. The cases listed above are examples of when professional disaster restoration services would be needed.

What are the priorities during the disaster recovery process?

Recovering from property disaster can be a stressful ordeal, but establishing the priorities will help clarify and streamline the process. Any reputable company that specializes in disaster restoration services should be able to execute the following initiatives for you:

  1. Safety

    – Ensuring safety for building occupants and workers must be addressed immediately. Many flood, fire and mold damage situations can pose significant health and safety risks. Those risks must be minimized at the forefront of the project.

  2. Find and fix the source of damage

    – The source of the damage must be identified and stopped. This might include fixing a burst pipe, tarping a leaking roof or repairing a malfunctioning furnace. There is no sense in cleaning up a mess if it is going to keep occurring because the source is still causing new damages.

  3. Mitigate damages

    – Damages have already been sustained to the property, but a sense of urgency should still be implemented to clean it up as quickly as possible. For example, if a property has a flood, additional damages could still occur if the water is not extracted. In this case, the standing water could travel to other parts of the structure causing additional damages.

  4. Restore property

    – The mitigation process often involves the removal and disposal of damaged materials which will need to be replaced. An example of this is a flooded carpet which has been ruined by the water. Once the area is fully cleaned and dried, the carpet should be replaced.


How do I find the right company for disaster restoration services?

Hiring for disaster restoration services is a unique process because it has to be done on a relatively quick basis. You don’t typically have weeks or even days to make a decision. Disaster cleanup is typically emergency based work and you need services immediately.
There are a few indicators that Merrimack, NH property owners should look for when trying to find the right company for disaster restoration services. The company should be available to help you 24/7 and responsive when you call, even after hours. You should also look for certifications from organizations such as the IICRC. It may also help to get a little background on the company to make sure they have a good reputation. Performing an online search on the company will often reveal online reviews that could be helpful. If you are interested in building a relationship with a local, family owned flood, fire and mold damage restoration company before disaster strikes, please call the experts at Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration today (603-641-6555).

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