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What Company Repairs Water Damage?

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After your home or business is damaged by a flood, you need a company with experience handling this type of disaster.  It is important that the restoration process addresses not only removing the water, but also any underlying moisture problems and high humidity levels.  These problems can lead to mold down the road.  A professional restoration company has the equipment and experience to address the water quickly, reducing the moisture levels back to normal and repairing any resulting damage.

After a Flood, Removing the Water is Critical

Time is critical after a flood.  It is important to quickly remove any standing water, while also drying out the entire area.  Industrial dehumidifiers can make a big difference in speeding up the process.  In some cases, drywall and flooring may need to be removed to expedite the process and make sure that the entire area dries thoroughly.  An experienced restoration company, like Soil-Away, uses professional equipment to measure moisture levels throughout the affected area.  This excess moisture can then be removed using industrial equipment and techniques used by restoration professionals.

Repairing Damage Caused by a Flood

Even when the water is removed expeditiously, there may be some damage to the home or business.  This can include property that was affected, such as furniture, electronics, area rugs and other belongings that were within reach of the water.  The building itself needs to be assessed for water damage and this should be promptly addressed. 

Water can cause extensive damage to a home or office, anything from weakened structural support beams to insulation that is retaining water.  A professional restoration team, skilled with flood disasters, can determine the level of damage that resulted and the best course of action to make any necessary repairs.  This may include replacing drywall and insulation or taking up the floor to prevent mold problems down the road.

After a flood, hiring a professional to make the necessary repairs can go a long way to ensuring that it is done right.  This can also prevent any mold problems that could arise in the future if the clean-up process is not done correctly.

The water restoration professionals at Soil-Away are experienced at helping property owners after a flood. If water damages your home or business, contact Soil-Away at 603-641-6555.

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