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Who Is the Best Disaster Restoration Company?

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If a fire or flood causes damage to your home or business, you need a disaster restoration company with experience evaluating and repairing the damage.  A proven track record, with years if not decades of experience will ensure that the restoration company can effectively help with the situation.  It is also important that the restoration business that you choose is fully insured.

Look for a Restoration Company with Experience

When dealing with the damage after a fire or flood, it is important that the restoration process be done correctly.  Addressing even damage that may not be obvious to the naked eye is critical to fully restoring the property.  Restoration companies with years of experience in the field have the equipment, employees and most of all expertise to effectively return the property to its pre-disaster state.  Soil-Away is an established restoration company serving New England with decades of experience handling properties that have been affected by a fire or flood.

Make Sure the Restoration Company is Fully Insured

There are businesses out there that will try to convince those already devastated by a fire or flood that they are equipped to address and repair the damage.  Even in this time of difficulty, it is important to make sure that the company you choose is fully insured.  This will protect you if something goes wrong, while also going an extra step to confirm that the disaster restoration company is well-established and reputable.

Don’t hesitate to ask the disaster company for referrals and to do research on your own. When a fire or flood has damaged your property and belongings, it is necessary to act quickly.  However, this can lead to those affected making rash decisions when choosing a restoration company.  Choosing a business that is well recognized in the area and comes recommended by others can make all of the difference.

The team at Soil-Away has been working with homeowners and businesses after a fire or flood since the company’s inception in 1990.  Bringing decades of experience to their work, Soil-Away’s professionals are on call 24/7, 365 days a year to help after a disaster. 

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