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mold remediation in attic Bedford NH

Mold Remediation in the Attic – Bedford, NH

You enter the attic in your Bedford, NH home and turn on the lights. While you try to look for an item, something catches your eye. You can’t pull your gaze and decide to have a look at it. The black specks, up close, alerts you to the presence of mold in the attic. There are various colors of mold in the attic: White, blue-green, gray, and black. While black mold is commonly labeled as toxic, it mostly indicated poor air quality. Mold remediation in the attic can easily be done. Before that,...

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Professional mold removal – Kennebunk, Maine

Professional Mold Removal – Kennebunk, Maine

M-O-L-D: Mold can be a problem. However, believe it or not, mold is everywhere. Much of it is found outdoors. It can be carried indoors through windows, doors, the HVAC systems, on peoples clothing as well as on pets. On its own it’s not really a problem. When it attaches to moist objects and the mold spores begin to grow and spread – then, you have a problem. If excessive mold growth is found inside a property a professional mold removal company is typically the remedy. Mold is a destructive...

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Mold Cleanup Company - South Berwick, ME

Mold Cleanup Company – South Berwick, ME

A homeowner in South Berwick, ME found mold on the walls, windows, and ceiling of her attic.  Not sure what to do, the woman called her neighbors.  Her neighbors suggested contacting a local mold cleanup company that had previously taken care of their mold.  Frantic, the woman called the company who came to clear the areas of mold.  After they had finished, the woman thanked the technicians and assumed her attic was finished.

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Mold Remediation Contractor – Bow, NH Soil-Away

Mold Remediation Contractor – Bow, NH

Finding the right mold remediation contractor to service Bow, New Hampshire (NH) can be a daunting task. In doing research, consumers will find several options. There will be everything from large national franchises to small mom-and-pop operations. Some companies are great while others leave much to be desired. One recent client was very pleased when they hired Soil-Away. Their initial experience looking for a mold remediation contractor was less than pleasant. Soil-Away turned the whole experience...

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Mold Removal Contractor – Derry, NH SOILAWAY

Mold Removal Contractor – Derry, NH

Residents of Derry, Londonderry and Hudson New Hampshire (NH) trust Soil-Away as their go-to mold removal contractor. Soil-Away has been performing mold remediation services for over 25 years in south/central NH and northern MA. The firm is IICRC certified and has a wide array of solutions for mold problems. This case study gives a simple example of how Soil-Away stepped up in a serious time of need. A Derry, NH homeowner was in a bind and needed a professional mold removal contractor fast. 

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Water Damage Restoration Company- Exeter, NH

Water Damage Restoration Company- Exeter, NH

Hiring a qualified water damage restoration company is vital when dealing with a property damage insurance claim at your home. Many contractors are either not educated in the trade of water damage mitigation or they are not competent in dealing with the insurance claim process. Falling short in either of these areas could add unnecessary frustration and delays to your recovery process. One of our clients in Exeter, New Hampshire (NH) recently learned the importance of working with a fully qualified...

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