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What to do if Your Basement Floods

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Basement flooding is, unfortunately, an incredibly common occurrence in New Hampshire. Whether it is caused by a burst pipe or rainwater, it is something that no one looks forward to finding. When you notice flooding in your basement, you may tend to panic. The most important thing is that you do your best to remain calm and follow these few steps in order to stay safe and save your belongings. 

Proceed with Caution and Prioritize Safety

When your basement is flooded, your immediate reaction may be to run in and gather belongings you want to save. It is imperative that you stop and prioritize safety. Do not going running into the basement without a plan! One of the very first thing you should do when you notice a flooded basement is to consult with an electrician to assess for electrocution hazards. Another safety consideration is the type of water filling your basement. What is the potential contamination level of the water? That will be determined by the source (sewer pipe, clean water line, ground water, etc…). Always proceed with caution. 

Water Removal and Stabilization

Once you are certain that it is safe to enter the basement, it is time to begin the stabilization process. The goal of this is to stop the ongoing damage and reverse the difficult situation. First you must deal with the source of the water. For example, you make need to call in a plumber to fix the pipe or turn of the water supply to the house. Next is focus on extracting the water. Get it pumped out of the basement. After the water is removed, start the dehumidifying process to start removing excess humidity. You’ll also need to address the contents in your basement. Items that have taken on water will likely need to be removed, cleaned and dried. Hopefully most of your items are salvageable. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing the Basement

Basements are damp, dark areas of your home; the perfect situation for mold to grow. You can use soap and warm water to clean your walls thoroughly and set up blowers and dehumidifiers to assist in the drying process. 

If you do notice mold growth it is crucial to take care of it immediately as it can be a threat to your health. If you see mold growing in your flooded basement, make sure to seek professional help like the remediation team at Soil-Away. 

Prevent Future Flooding 

It is important to figure out exactly how and why your basement flooded in the first place to ensure it will not happen again. If it was caused by the weather, make sure to locate where the rain-water was getting into your basement. If it was caused by an appliance leak or burst pipe, it is essential to get them fixed as soon as possible.


Basement floods are no easy task to take on alone. If you have experienced flooding in your basement, make sure to call the professionals at Soil-Away to assist you in flood damage clean-up and restoration! If you notice mold growing after a flood, we have expert mold removal and remediation services to take care of it quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today! We are here 24/7/365. We specialize in insurance claim water damage cleanup.

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