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Restoring Your Home After a Natural Disaster

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The damage natural disasters cause to homes is devastating. There is no definitive way to go about restoring your home after natural disasters; everyone will take it in differently and begin restoration their own way in their own time. Thankfully, there are very helpful tips to help guide you through it. We are going to go into more detail about some steps you will need to take when restoring your home after a natural disaster. 

Gather Your Emotions

Losing some or all of your home to a natural disaster can take a toll on you mentally. Make sure you are taking the proper steps to prepare yourself. Take all the time you need to be able to walk into your home with a clean mind and clear restoration goals. 


Clean-up after natural disasters can be dangerous. There are many hazards around your home, like broken glass from windows, pieces of wall and ceiling hanging down, rotting floors, and so much more. It is essential that you wear proper protective gear when entering your home. Make sure to wear a hardhat, clothing that covers your skin, gloves, respiratory protection, safety eyewear, and protective boots. You may also need to make accommodations for temporary lighting to see in the event you have no electricity. 


Anything left in your home that can be restored or saved must be cleaned and disinfected intensely and immediately. For any furniture you believe can be restored, you need to remove it from your home into a dry area as soon as possible. If you leave it, it could start to rot and grow more harmful bacteria. Remaining salvageable surfaces and building materials, must be cleaned thoroughly with a strong, reliable cleaning solution to rid any germs or dirt. 

Proper Climate Control

Make sure there is proper climate control and airflow throughout the house when restoring your home. In some cases, it is beneficial to keep all possible windows and doors open while inside. This can help with drying under the right circumstances, and also exhaust harmful airborne particulates outside the property. If you are looking to speed up the drying process in certain areas of the house, commercial dehumidifiers and air movers may be a good investment. 


If you have gone through the terrible reality that is natural disasters and need assistance with restoring your home, call Soil-Away right away at 603-641-6555! We have an expert team of home restoration professionals that are ready to help. Our goal is always to return your home to pre-loss condition. Give us a call today! We are here 24/7/365.

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