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Most Common Causes of House Fires

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Fires are probably one of any homeowner’s biggest fears. They are typically unexpected and can be devastating to your home and precious belongings. Fires tend to spread quickly and easily, making them extremely dangerous. Because of the damage a house fire could cause, it is imperative to be aware of how you could prevent a fire from breaking out in your home. Follow along to learn more about the most common causes of housefires so you and your family can be prepared and equipped. 


The number one cause of house fires is cooking accidents. Within these cooking fires, many are caused by leaving the food you are cooking unattended, whether it is from the stove or inside the oven. You must be very cautious and attentive at all times while cooking and using your kitchen appliances.


Candles are so pleasant to have around your home. They bring fresh smells and comfort into whatever room they are in. However, candles account for a significant portion of house fires. Unfortunately, it is very common and very easy to forget about a candle you had lit hours ago that is sitting in another room. They are beautiful to have in your home, but they are quite literally an open flame. It is vital never to leave candles unattended. Ensure that there is at least a foot of space between the candle and any flammable materials. 


Smoking anything such as a cigarette or a pipe only accounts for a small percentage of house fires but is a leading cause of house fire fatalities. It is common to believe that your cigarette is entirely out in your ashtray, but it can spark back up instantly without your knowledge. Fires are also commonly caused by those who accidentally fall asleep with a lit cigarette in their hand. Once a lit cigarette or cigar falls on anything within your home, it is likely to burst into flames, leading to a large fire. The best way to prevent this from happening is only to smoke outside. 

Fire Damage Restoration with Soil-Away

The expert restoration team at Soil-Away understands how devastating a house fire can be for everyone involved. It is crucial to get a team of professionals out for clean-up and restoration immediately if a fire has impacted your home. If a house fire has damaged your home, make sure to call the restoration team at Soil-Away as soon as possible. We are certified, fully insured, and our goal is to help you recover from the damage as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are recovering from a house fire and need professional restoration assistance, make sure to give us a call at (603) 641-6555.

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