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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your Home

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As the weather gets colder in New England, the threats that winter weather brings to your home once again arise. One major threat the cold brings is freezing the pipes in your home. This can cause a great deal of damage. Due to the pressure build-up in frozen pipes, it will cause the pipe to expand. If there is enough pressure inside the pipe, it will likely burst, causing even more significant damage like flooding or water damage. Follow along as the winter water damage remediation specialists at Soil-Away go over frozen pipe prevention tips!

Keep Your Heat On

During frigid weather, it is essential to keep your heat on at all times. Even if you are going away for a few days, your heat must stay on to help prevent your pipes from freezing while you are gone. It does not have to be set to the temperature it is typically set while you are there, but it is wise to keep it over 50 degrees or above. 

Extra Insulation

Odds are, there are pipes in your home located in places that you barely ever see. In this case, there are isolating sleeves available that can be fitted to your pipes for an extra layer of isolation. Sleeves are typically used for exposed pipes; for those pipes inside the wall, you can add insulation inside of your walls or flooring if necessary. Though this is an excellent second layer of insulation, it does not necessarily mean that your pipes cannot be exposed to freezing temperatures. 

Seal Cracks

During the winter, cold air seeps in anywhere it can get to. If you notice any cracks or holes around where the pipes are running through your home, make sure to seal them before it gets too cold. By sealing off any openings to your pipes, you will be blocking out the cold air from being able to get in. To go the extra mile, you can seal both indoor and outdoor openings. 

Let Faucet Drip

If you are nervous that your pipes are going to freeze on an absolutely freezing day, keep your faucet open and allow it to drip slightly. This will alleviate pressure building up in that pipe system and ultimately bursting. 

Contact Soil-Away 

The water and flood restoration team at Soil-Away are not new to frozen pipes. If you have experienced water damage due to frozen pipes in your home, make sure to call our expert team today!

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