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Flood Damage at a Business

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A flood can devastate a business, from the extensive structural damage to the loss of sales.  In the event of a flood, whether from a burst pipe or an act of nature, it is important that you evacuate the area and shut off the power immediately.  After identifying and shutting down the source of the flood, you can begin the process of removing the water and assessing the damage to your property and its contents.

With a Flood, Time is Critical

A quick response is important to prevent more extensive damage in the event of a flood at your business.  To prevent any risk of electrical shock, particularly in the event of standing water, the power to the building should be inspected by a licensed electrician and potentially shut off.  You can then begin the process of removing the water and drying out the area.  The faster that this can be done, the best chance of reducing damage and preventing any mold problems in the future.

If there is standing water, this can be removed with a pump, wet-shop-vac, or old-fashioned buckets.  Even after the water has been removed, the moisture levels will likely be very high.  This creates a breeding ground for mold and should be immediately addressed.  Ventilate the area as much as possible to speed up the drying process, enlisting fans and dehumidifiers. 

Assessing the Damage and Restoring the Property After a Flood

Even after the water is extracted from the area, the damage may be extensive.  Water can damage the structure in the property and walls.  You will need to evaluate if there is any hidden moisture or structural damage to the building, while also dealing with cosmetic concerns.  All of this will need to be addressed before you are ready to reopen for business. 

The flooring, and any padding underneath, may need to be replaced to further remove any excess moisture and allow the area to fully dry out.  Being diligent and proactive can help to prevent any problems, ensuring that your business is once again a safe place for your employees and customers.

The professionals at Soil-Away can help to assess the damage to your business after a flood, restoring the area and allowing you to reopen your doors as quickly as possible.  After a flood, contact the Soil-Away team at 603-641-6555.

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