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Fire and Water Damage Restoration for Commercial Properties

Fire and Water Damage Restoration for Commercial Properties

If a fire or flood damages your business, the results can be catastrophic.  Not only can much of your equipment and inventory be destroyed, the downtime for your business can be devastating.  Many commercial businesses find it difficult to bounce back after a fire or water has damaged the premises.  One of the biggest concerns is restoring the property and the contents quickly, so that the business can resume operations.  Operating under a tight deadline is critical to ensure that customers do not go elsewhere and that you can once again open your doors for business.

Equipment and Trained Commercial Restoration Professionals

After a disaster has damaged your commercial property, you need a professional that specializes in this type of damage.  Commercial restoration varies greatly from residences, with different equipment and training necessary to effectively do the job.  In a commercial setting the size of the area needing to be serviced is often much larger.  In the case of a flood, larger drying equipment is required to effectively remove all of the moisture in a timely manner.

There may be equipment and machinery on-site that is damaged by smoke or water.  These items may require special equipment to move them and allow them to thoroughly dry.  Commercial properties are often equipped with sprinklers that can create water damage in the case of a fire.  To deal with these unique scenarios, it is important that you hire a restoration team skilled in handling commercial properties.

Filing an insurance claim is often more complicated when the property is used for commercial purposes.  These types of claims are typically larger and may involve multiple insurance carriers.  Involving more claim handlers throughout the restoration process, makes job updates and progress reports critical.  A restoration company that is experienced in handling these types of commercial projects can help to navigate through these additional steps.

It is Critical to Get Up and Running as Quickly as Possible

Every day that your business’ doors are closed due to damage from a fire or flood means not only lost revenue, but also expenses incurred.  For small businesses, this can be debilitating.  Time is of the essence to restore the property and its contents after a disaster to ensure that your business has the best chance to succeed, and even to thrive after this event.

Soil-Away has experience working with commercial properties that have been damaged by fire or flood.  Ready with industrial equipment, the process of restoring the property and its contents can begin immediately.  This type of expertise and response is critical to ensuring that a fire or flood does not lead to your business shutting permanently.

Teams are on call 24/7, 365 days a year to begin the restoration process immediately, reopening the business as soon as possible.  Contact the commercial restoration experts of Soil-Away at 603-641-6555.

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