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Beverly, MA

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Beverly, Massachusetts

Soil-Away has been servicing the residents of Beverly, Massachusetts (MA) for many years. They know they can trust us for all of their disaster restoration and cleaning service needs. All of our technicians are certified and will complete any job with the utmost professionalism.

Beverly, MA recently completed projects

Water Damage Mitigation

The weather from a brutally cold winter had dealt significant damage to the pipes of a Beverly home. This ultimately led to several leaks in the attic. To prevent the disaster from expanding the homeowner called Soil-Away to mitigate the water damage. Soil-Away was able to send out certified technicians to the location to extract the water and dry the flooded structure.

Fire Restoration Contractors

An unattended fireplace sparked hot cinders onto some nearby furniture. This set the couch on fire. The family had been outside during the event, which caused significant damage to the living room. A family friend had previously hired Soil-Away and referred the family. A certified fire restoration team from Soil-Away was onsite the same day to restore the living room to its pre-fire condition.

Mold Damage Remediation

A previously flooded basement was not properly taken care of, which resulted in large spots of mold growing on the walls. Had the previous family called a professional company, such as Soil-Away, to properly dry the basement the damage would never occurred. The new homeowner decided to call us as soon as he noticed the visible mold. Mold remediation services were completed by Soil-Away’s team within a week’s time.

Carpet Cleaner

A realty company had just purchased a new house and was planning on renovating it into an apartment complex. After the renovation was taken care of the company still needed to have the carpets completely cleaned before they could begin any showings. The company searched online for “local carpet cleaners” and found Soil-Away. The carpets were cleaned that week and the realty company was able to start showing the apartment.

Duct Cleaning Service

A building unit was going to be renovated into an office space. The new tenant had discovered that the unit was previously occupied by a pet store. The man knew that some of his employees were allergic to dogs and cats so he hired Soil-Away to clean the air ducts. The tenant was able to move his employees into the new office without the fear of them having allergic reactions.

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