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Salem, MA

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Salem, Massachusetts

As a Salem, Massachusetts (MA) property owner, hopefully you never have to go through the devastation that a fire, flood or storm can inflict your home. However, even if the unthinkable happens, Soil-Away is on-call 24/7. With our trained disaster restoration professionals, Salem, MA residents can rely on Soil-Away knowing that they are covered if an emergency does arise.

Salem, MA recently completed projects

Flood Cleanup Companies

A local family was away visiting friends. They were out of the state for several weeks. While they were gone, there was a particularly bad storm. They came home to flood damage and general disarray around their house. Unable to take care of it themselves, they called Soil-Away, which quickly sent out technicians who were able to clean up quickly and efficiently.

Fire Restoration Service

A fire at a local office complex caused significant smoke and soot damage rendering it impossible to do business in the building. The boss called the claim hotline for their insurance. Their insurance company sent Soil-Away to clean up and perform fire restoration services. Soil-Away’s hard-working technicians helped clean up the damage and soon everyone in the complex was up and running again.

Best Mold Remediation Companies

After a mold problem in the basement has gone without being taken care of for too long, a Salem homeowner decided it was time to get remediation done. A family member recommended they call Soil-Away. They did, and they were pleased by how quickly and efficiently they worked to take care of the situation.

Carpet Cleaning Expert

Ready to sell their house, a couple decided that they needed to hire an expert carpet cleaner. Having previously had work done by Soil-Away, they called them again. Soil-Away’s professional technicians came out to the house as soon as possible to clean up the carpet, and soon enough after the house was sold.

Duct Cleaning

A Salem family was having difficulty with the air ducts in their house. They soon realized it was because of their new pet dog shedding fur. After a bit of searching online for duct cleaning services, one of the parents found Soil-Away’s website, and decided to hire them on to clean the ducts. They were impressed by the quick and professional service and even referred them to their neighbors.

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