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Peterborough, NH

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Peterborough, New Hampshire

Peterborough, New Hampshire (NH) residents can now rest easy knowing that they are covered in case of a catastrophic event in the home. Fire and flood are two things homeowners never want to have to deal with. However, in the event of a disaster, residents can count on Soil-Away to help. When time is of the essence Soil-Away’s response team, with professionals available 24/7 – 365 days a year, is second to none.

Peterborough, NH recently completed projects

Flood Remediation

When water takes over your home the damage can be extensive, and not necessarily visible to the naked eye. The flood remediation team at Soil-Away has the experience and equipment to address all of the water damage in your home. Leaving any area with a high level of moisture after a flood can quickly lead to mold, and an even bigger problem. Soil-Away understands this, eliminating all of the moisture, the first time.

Fire Restoration Contractors

Putting your home back together after a devastating fire can feel like an insurmountable task. A professional fire restoration contractor like Soil-Away can help you to salvage what you can, from belongings to the interior of your home. While we may not be able to undo all of the damage, at Soil-Away we work hard to put your home back in order.

Mold and Water Damage Specialists

Water damage can be a nightmare for a homeowner. Not only is it unsightly, but it can quickly become a hot bed for mold growth. Mold and water damage specialists can address the situation, eliminating the mold as well as the moisture that it thrives on. By addressing the problem head-on, Soil-Away’s team can be sure that their customer will not see a reoccurrence.

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