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Mold after Flooding – New Boston, NH 03070

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As the deep freeze of winter sets in, it is important to keep in mind the dangers of not only water damage but also mold after flooding. It can be easy to write this off as something that happens more in the spring but property damage from water in the winter can be extremely high depending on harshness of weather patterns. Large storms, such as Nor’easters, can dump several feet of snow in New Boston and the surrounding New Hampshire communities. Power outages, ice dams and frozen pipes result in millions of dollars in property damage every year. Many people are unaware of these facts and thus don’t prepare for flooding in the winter. Add mold to the equation, and it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the situation. This is why it is important to have a plan and a service in mind to call to take care of the problem.

Mold After Flooding Needs Professional Attention

A local from New Boston, NH ran into a flood damage situation and didn’t know what to do. Her pipes had frozen, filling her basement with water, and it had gone unnoticed long enough that mold had formed on the walls. The mold after flooding was very stressful for the New Boston homeowner. Fortunately, she had a good friend who talked her through the situation and suggested a service for her to call, which was Soil-Away. Property disaster cleanup professionals from Soil-Away were quick to respond and help not only clean up the water, but also the mold.

Services Available to New Boston Residents after Flood Damage


  • Site Evaluation

    IICRC certified estimators will visit your property to evaluate the extent of the water damage. Moisture meters and infrared cameras will be utilized to identify all affected areas so that they can be property mitigated.

  • Water Extraction

    – 24/7 Emergency services available to remove excessive water and flooding from your property. Removing water quickly is key minimizing damage from spreading.

  • Property Cleanup

    – Dealing with the affected structure and contents can be overwhelming. Soil-Away will remove, inventory and properly dispose of any non-salvageable items. Personal belongings that can be cleaned and restored will be handled accordingly.

  • Structural Drying

    – Stabilizing the flooded indoor environment, removing excessive moisture and eliminating hidden pockets of water are essential to a successful water damage restoration project. Proper drying will help avoid mold after flooding.


Water Damage Prevention in the Winter

There are several ways to help prevent flood damage in the winter months. First thing to recognize is that there are three primary sources of winter water damage: frozen pipes, ice dams and storm damage.
Burst pipes can create a large mess quickly. Make sure to maintain adequate indoor temperatures to avoid freeze ups. Inspect areas of concern, such as basement and crawlspaces, frequently to ensure no issues.
When it comes to preventing ice dams, make efforts to reduce heavy snow accumulation on your roof. Heavy snowmelt re-freezing on the edges of your roof creates the dams. The ice dams allow for water to back up through the roof shingles creating leaks inside of your home.
Finally, inspect your home to make sure there are no vulnerable spots. Checking windows and doors for cracks or holes where water could seep through is a wise idea. Also make sure flood drains are working properly and eliminate snow build-up around the foundation if possible.

New Boston Residents Choose Soil-Away for Water and Mold Damage Cleanup

Soil-Away is a family-owned and operated disaster cleanup business that has over 25 years of flood and mold cleanup experience. We are IICRC master-certified, fully-insured and not a franchise. Dealing with insurance claims is our specialty as we work with all local and national insurance companies and are a preferred vendor for dozens of companies. If you have sustained winter water damage or are concerned about mold after flooding, contact our 24/7 water cleanup and restoration emergency line at 603-641-6555.

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