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How to Prevent Water Damage Caused From Ice Dams

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This winter’s harsh weather is causing a lot of property damage around New Hampshire (NH) and Massachusetts (MA). Water damage is one of the leading causes of property damage during the winter months. Costly water damage is typically the result of frozen pipes or ice dams. This article focuses on how to prevent water damage caused from ice dams.
You need to take note if snow is accumulating on your house and ice is building up on the edge of your roof. The growing icicles on the roof line of your building may be neat to look at, but it could be an indicator of pending water damage caused from ice dams. During a harsh winter such as the one we are enduring now, NH and MA homeowners should take extra precaution to prevent water damage.
Below are two simple tips to show you how to prevent water damage caused from ice dams.

  1. Minimize snow accumulation on your roof– After each significant winter storm; carefully remove as much snow as possible from your roof. Using a roof rake combined with an extension pole will allow you to reach areas from the ground. Remember that climbing ladders in icy conditions is not recommended or safe. Roof rakes can be purchased for roughly $50 to $100. Make sure to read and follow all the safety instructions.
  2. Create channels in ice for water flow- Existing ice dams need a place for melting ice to run off. Creating a channel in the ice is a great way to achieve this. One way to do this is to fill a pair of panty hose with calcium chloride ice melt. Carefully position the panty hose perpendicular to the edge of the roof. As the calcium chloride works, it will melt the ice creating a channel for water to flow instead of continuing to compound with the existing dams.

This has been a tough winter. Hopefully these tips will help homeowners prevent water damage caused from ice dams. Once the winter is over, we recommend having your home inspected by a professional contractor. Ice dams are typically caused from excessive amounts of heat escaping from the house. It could be the result of something as simple as inadequate insulation in the attic. A professional inspection should be able to identify and remedy the issues so that you are not dealing with ice dams every winter.
If ice dams have caused water damage at your New Hampshire (NH) or Massachusetts (MA) home, please call Soil-Away. We will identify all affected areas and efficiently dry your property to prevent further damage. Soil-Away specializes in working with your insurance company to process the damage claim. Soil-Away is master certified through the IICRC and holds the highest water damage restoration credentials in NH.

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