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Yikes! Frozen Pipes! Don't Let Freezing Temperatures Lead to Frozen Pipes – Part II

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Have you ever woken-up on a chilly winter morning and discovered the pipes in your house were frozen? You turn the knobs on the bathroom sink in frustration, hoping that water will eventually trickle out, but nothing happens. This situation is one that I experienced numerous times as a child, as the pipes in the attic would frequently freeze. While frozen pipes are something many home or business owners never want to experience, it does happen quite often here in New Hampshire (NH), as temperatures often plunge below the freezing mark and cause the water in pipes to freeze. Locations that are most prevalent to frozen pipes are attics, garages and basements, as these areas are often not heated.

The Impacts of Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes may seem like a temporary issue that will resolve once the temperatures start to climb above freezing and the water in the pipes began to thaw, however, frozen pipes can actually cause additional issues such as:

  • Bursting pipes, as the water inside of the pipe or waterline freezes and expands, causing pressure on the material containing the water.
  • Blockages in waterlines or pipes.
  • Water damage due to bursting pipes or waterlines.
  • Mold growth as a result of water damage and moisture build-up from a closed environment during the winter months.

If the pipes in your home or business do end up freezing in the remainder of the winter season, it is recommended to contact a licensed and insured plumber to investigate the issue further, to avoid costly repairs and damage down the road.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Before winter weather is in full-swing, it is important to understand how to safeguard your home or business from frozen pipes when Old Man Winter decides to dump snow, ice and freezing temperatures on us New Hampshirites. A few helpful tips to follow to help prevent the waterlines and pipes from freezing are:

  • Remove and drain outdoor hoses and store them away for the winter months.
  • Drain water from swimming pools and water sprinkler lines, per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • View areas around your home or business that are unheated and contain waterlines or pipes, such as basements, crawl spaces, attics and garages. These areas should be insulated to avoid pipes from freezing.
  • Pipe sleeves, heat tape and heat cables are also insulation options to consider for pipes located in unheated areas.
  • Keep the thermostat set to the same temperature during the day and night, as this helps to avoid fluctuating temperatures that may cause pipes to freeze.

Visit the American Red Cross website to learn more about preventative measures for frozen pipes.

Soil-Away is Here for You, New Hampshire!

Soil-Away is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the communities of New Hampshire for the last 25 years, and are certified mold and water damage cleanup experts. If your home or business experiences flood damage due to bursting pipes this winter season, contact the experts at 603-641-6555.
Written by: K. Gnatowski

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