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Property Damage Cleanup - Bow, NH 03304

Property Damage Cleanup – Bow, NH 03304

A family in Bow, NH survived a devastating summer thunderstorm.  Although they are thrilled to be personally safe, their house is greatly damaged.  Not only was there flooding in their basement, but several trees have fallen in their yard and a fire has ignited from a lightning strike in the attic.  The family departed their home but quickly looked for resources that would help them with the property damage cleanup and repairs for their home.

Disaster Cleanup – Hudson, NH 03051

Disaster Cleanup – Hudson, NH 03051

As anyone in Hudson, NH knows that stormy weather can be tough to deal with. It can be even tougher on your property. Strong winds can destroy trees, rain can flood basements, and snow can collapse roofs. This means that during the times of the year when the weather is particularly intense, it’s always good to have a reliable company you know you can contact for emergency disaster cleanup services. This is so you don’t end up stuck with the stress of searching through various cleanup businesses in addition to a disaster cleanup on your hands.

Storm Damage Restoration - Rye, NH 03870

Storm Damage Restoration – Rye, NH 03870

A family in Rye, NH has survived through a rigorous hurricane, but had to endure flooding in their basement, fallen trees in their yard, and flying debris pelting against their roof and shingles.  Now that the storm is over, the family comes together, but faces the shock of the storm damage.  The devastating question they ask themselves is how will they live under the roof of a damaged home?  They will need to seek out a storm damage restoration service.

Emergency Disaster Cleanup – Pembroke, NH

Emergency Disaster Cleanup – Pembroke, NH

What is a property disaster emergency? Most property disasters in Pembroke, New Hampshire are related to water or fire damage. This could be a burst pipe, ice dam, cooking fire or something else related to flood, soot or smoke damage. Regardless of the source of the damage, these are all considered emergency disaster cleanup situations and should be handled with the help of property restoration professionals. Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration has been helping families and businesses in Pembroke recover from property disaster since 1990. This article explains the basics around how a premier emergency disaster cleanup company operates and how you as the client should be treated.

Water damage

Our Repair Team Highlights 5 Sources of Summer Water Damage in Concord Homes

It’s now the peak of the summer. But don’t let the sun’s warm rays deceive you, your home is still at a significant risk of water intrusion during the summer months. To help you prevent water damage in your Concord home, our water damage repair team takes a look at five sources of summer water damage, in this latest post.

Flooded House Cleanup- Meredith, NH

Water Damage Repair Manchester

Professional Manchester Water Damage Repairs Versus DIY Techniques

Now that spring is upon us, rainy days are going to be a lot more common. For some areas, rain and floods might have already caused problems due to El Niño and with the change in seasons, water damage problems could get even worse. Our Manchester water damage repair experts at Soil Away examine the differences between professional and DIY water damage repair techniques in our blog below.

Water Damage Soil Away

Water Damage Repair Services

Three Signs Your Home Requires Professional Water Damage Repair Services

Whether you’re about to buy a new home or are considering selling your property in the near future, the ability to detect the signs of water damage within a property can help you save a considerable amount of money. By alerting professional water damage repair services specialists to the problem quickly, property owners across Nashua, Manchester and Concord can ensure their home is safe for the future. Within this post, we’ll highlight three signs your home requires professional water damage repair services.

water damage caused from ice dams

How to Prevent Water Damage Caused From Ice Dams

This winter’s harsh weather is causing a lot of property damage around New Hampshire (NH) and Massachusetts (MA). Water damage is one of the leading causes of property damage during the winter months. Costly water damage is typically the result of frozen pipes or ice dams. This article focuses on how to prevent water damage caused from ice dams.

Prevent water, fire, and smoke damage

Winter Safety Tips to Prevent Water, Fire, and Smoke Damage- New Hampshire (NH)

Soil-Away founder, Jack Solloway, and director of client services, Josh Solloway, were recently featured guests on the Girard at Large Radio Show in Manchester, NH. The topic on hand was “Home Safety Tips for Winter.” The 20 minute interview highlighted steps that homeowners should take to evade costly property damage due to water, fire, and smoke issues.

“The colder winter months are typically when the majority of property damage occurs in New Hampshire,” states Jack. “We want to help people prevent water, fire, and smoke damage if possible. Many of the disasters we cleanup are can be avoided

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Soil-Away is a full service environmental and emergency restoration services company. We are one of the largest independent cleaning and restoration companies in New England. We work with insurance carriers, property management companies, major corporations, and homeowners in restoring their water, fire, smoke, odor damage to pre-loss condition. We also provide mold removal and prevention solutions, HVAC duct cleaning; furniture, and carpet cleaning.

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