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Water Damage in Basement – Nashua, NH

Water Damage in Basement – Nashua, NH

In her typical morning rush, a Nashua, NH mother heads to the basement to retrieve her work uniform from the dryer before she heads off for the day. Little did she know that what awaited her behind the door would change the course of her morning. As she approached the entrance, she became alarmed by the high humidity and dampness of the carpets. She began to panic and reached for her phone to call for immediate assistance. When she opened the door, she was greeted by water damage in basement that contained many important documents and priceless heirlooms that she couldn’t bear to lose. Dealing with a flooded basement was not on the to-do list for the day.

Jack Solloway

Soil-Away Owner, Jack Solloway, Featured in CleanFax 2018 Industry Leaders Review

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Hooksett, NH – At the beginning of each calendar year CleanFax, an industry magazine focused on cleaning and restoration professionals, reaches out to leaders in the field to share their own successes in the industry. For 2018, Soil-Away Owner, Jack Solloway, was honored to be asked for his participation in the annual review.

Fire in Kitchen

Auburn, NH Family Learns How to Prevent Future Fires in Their Home

Fires can leave a trail of devastation for homeowners, not only with the damage to the home itself but the family’s belongings. While insurance can go a long way to making the homeowner whole again, it can be difficult overcoming the emotional hurdles of losing those sentimental items. As an Auburn, NH family learned after a small fire in their home, it is well worth the effort for every homeowner to take some necessary precautions to prevent house fires.

Water Damage Insurance Claim – Manchester, NH

Water Damage Insurance Claim – Manchester, NH

You’re sitting in your living room, relaxing after a long day at work, when suddenly, you notice a stain on your ceiling. The spot on the ceiling is directly below your upstairs bathroom. Panic sets in. This must be water damage, but where is the water coming from? What’s the extent of the damage? How do you even begin going about fixing the problem? Will I have to submit a water damage insurance claim? The questions are racing through your head.

Mold in Attic Concord, NH

Mold in Attic – Concord, NH

Mold is a problem for many people, as it can develop in throughout your house, most commonly in the basement, bathrooms, crawlspaces, or the attic.  Mold in attic is one of the most common locations for Concord, NH homeowners to discover this unwanted inhabitant. The growth develops as a result of the right combination of moisture, a food source and time. Temperature and air flow can also be factors affecting mold growth. Attic mold typically is the result of one of four things: poor attic airflow/ventilation, improperly installed bathroom fan, ice dams or roof leaks.

Cleaning up After a Flood – Litchfield, NH 03052

Cleaning up After a Flood – Litchfield, NH 03052

It’s a situation many Litchfield, NH residents know well: You wake up, ready to start your day, only to find out that there’s flooding in your house. It could be from heavy rain or snowmelt that found its way into your basement, a pipe burst, appliance failure or roof leak. Regardless of the source of water damage, now your plans for the day are completely thrown off! While this disruption may mess with your routine, there’s no reason for the cleaning up after a flood to be as painful. Know that there are ways to confidently proceed to make sure that you get the job done right.

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