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Water Damage Mitigation – Hudson, NH

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Citizens of Hudson, Nashua, and Hollis New Hampshire (NH) call on Soil-Away when in need for emergency water damage mitigation. Water and flood damage to your property is frustrating and can be costly. Residents of southern NH know that Soil-Away will respond quickly and competently. Soil-Away is available 24/7 to cleanup water and fire damage losses. This case study provides a brief example of how Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration helped a Hudson, NH business when they needed water damage mitigation services after a pipe burst.

Flood Damage Discovery

It was a cold January morning in Hudson, NH. Professionals were just arriving at their office building on a Tuesday morning. The early arrivers were shocked when they unlocked their doors. Ceiling tiles were missing. The carpets were squishy. The windows were dripping with condensation. Something was not right. It did not take long to discover the building had sustained a flood overnight. A broken pipe in the ceiling ran for hours dumping hundreds of gallons of water into the space. Emergency water damage mitigation services were needed immediately for the Hudson building.
The building tenants were quick to contact the property management group who oversaw the building. The water damage was reported promptly. Now a solution was needed. The management group put a call into Soil-Away. Soil-Away was their preferred water damage mitigation company and had handled similar situations for them in the past. The call was fielded and emergency water damage restoration crews were dispatched to Hudson. Soil-Away was onsite within one-hour from the call. Water damage mitigation services were underway!

Water Damage Mitigation Services Performed

The flood damage to the building was limited to the ground floor. Fortunately, where the pipe burst, it did not affect the second or third stories. Nevertheless, a lot of water damage mitigation was needed on the ground floor. Water restoration technicians swept up the collapsed ceiling tiles. They removed additional ones with water staining. A second crew used a truck-mounted extraction unit to rapidly remove water from the carpets. Hundreds of gallons of water were extracted. They inspected all the walls to identify any water damage to the drywall. There were several areas in which the vinyl cove base had to be removed. Holes were drilled in the drywall so that drying could take place inside the wall cavity. This would help prevent mold issues down the road.
Once the water extraction and cleanup was completed, the restoration technicians setup commercial drying equipment. This was one of the final steps in the water damage mitigation process for the Hudson building. Dehumidifiers and fans were installed to dry the structure. Over the course of three days the once saturated building was returned to pre-loss condition. With the exception of installing some new ceiling tiles and vinyl cove base, the office space was returned to normal.
The quick response by Soil-Away’s water damage mitigation team helped save the Hudson, NH property from extensive damages.  When a property has been struck by flooding or water damage, every moment counts. Building a relationship with a reputable property damage restoration company is highly advised. This case study of a property management company in Hudson proves this point. If you are in need of water damage mitigation services in the Hudson, Nashua, and Hollis, NH area please contact Soil-Away at 603-641-6555.

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