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Water Damage Restoration- Nashua, NH

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Water damage is one of the leading causes of property damage insurance claims. A pipe could break. The roof may leak. There are dozens of potential sources for this problem. Regardless of how the damage occurred, it is important to hire a professional water damage restoration company to help you recover. A company that specializes in water damage restoration will be able to respond quickly to your needs. They will be able to comprehensively diagnose the situation. The company will also effectively mitigate the problem. Below is a brief summary of one of Soil-Away recent water damage restoration projects in Nashua, New Hampshire (NH).
A commercial property in Nashua suffered from ice dams over the winter. The building owner received numerous complaints of water dripping from ceilings and walls. Professional water damage restoration services were needed. Unfortunately, the building owner did not do that. A general handyman was hired to address the situation. The owner thought this would be the most economical solution to the problem. The handyman went through each of the water damaged units. He cut out and replaced the wet drywall in several areas. In areas with minor damage he painted over the water marks. Everyone seems to be satisfied.
About three weeks later, tenants in the commercial property started to notice what looked like small black dots appearing on the walls. The handyman was once again called in to inspect. Mold was suspected and confirmed. He pulled back the baseboard in one office to find extensive black mold growth on the drywall. This problem was beyond him. He told the property owner to contact a water damage restoration company to help out. Soil-Away was called immediately. A project manager was dispatched to inspect the Nashua property.
The water damage restoration project manager from Soil-Away thoroughly inspected the Nashua building. Using moisture meters and infrared cameras, he was able to identify all the areas affected by ice dams. Needless to say, a lot had been missed by the handyman. People that do not specialize in water damage restoration are not typically equipped or formally trained on how to deal with water damage mitigation issues. The project was now bigger than originally anticipated. The price for not doing it right the first time would be costly.
The Nashua building owner authorized Soil-Away immediately to fix the remaining water damage and remove the mold. What was once a routine water damage restoration project was now a large mold remediation job. Soil-Away’s certified crews arrived the same day to begin the process. Everything was completed within a few days. The building owner and tenants could now have peace that everything was done right.
Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration is an IICRC Master-Certified firm in water damage restoration. The company is currently celebrating 25 years in business. They service south/central New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. This brief summary of a water damage restoration project in Nashua is one example of how Soil-Away helps families and businesses recover from property disaster. Contact Soil-Away today to coordinate any water, fire or mold damage cleanup needs you may have.

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