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Prevent water, fire, and smoke damage

Winter Safety Tips to Prevent Water, Fire, and Smoke Damage- New Hampshire (NH)

Soil-Away founder, Jack Solloway, and director of client services, Josh Solloway, were recently featured guests on the Girard at Large Radio Show in Manchester, NH. The topic on hand was “Home Safety Tips for Winter.” The 20 minute interview highlighted steps that homeowners should take to evade costly property damage due to water, fire, and smoke issues. “The colder winter months are typically when the majority of property damage occurs in New Hampshire,” states Jack. “We want to help people...

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soot and smoke odor removal goffstown nh

Soot and Smoke Odor Removal- Goffstown, NH

The wood stove was the culprit. More specifically, it was the blocked up venting system leading into the chimney. Just twenty-four hours ago a Goffstown, New Hampshire (NH) family was living their normal life. That all got turned up-side-down when smoke started billowing throughout the house. The wood stove was malfunctioning. What ensued was a mess. A small fire started in the parlor. Thick smoke was everywhere. The fire department responded quickly and put the fire out with ease. Nevertheless,...

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Smoke and Soot Damage Cleanup – Derry, NH

The kitchen was still smoldering. Light patches of smoke rose from charred cabinets and appliances. The fire suppression system and Derry Fire Department had just put out a kitchen fire. It was at a local restaurant. Just hours earlier a grease fire had ignited a stovetop pan. It was mishandled and led to it spreading. The whole situation was a blur for the Derry, NH restaurant owner and staff. They needed to regroup and recover. They needed professional smoke and soot damage cleanup immediat...

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fire damage nashua salem laconia

Fire Damage Prevention and Safety (part 2)

Last month we featured tips 1-5 on how to avoid fire damage and increase safety in your home. The United States has approximately 400,000 house fires every year (NFPA). We see many in Nashua, Salem, and Laconia every year. We do not want you to be a part of that stat. Please read our final five tips on fire damage prevention and safety. If you missed last month’s article click here.

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fire damage manchester concord portsmouth

Fire Damage Prevention and Safety (part 1)

Fire damage is devastating. There are approximately 400,000 home fires in the United States every year (NFPA). We see many in Manchester, Concord, and Portsmouth every year. Many of these fires are preventable. We wrote this two part article to identify some of the leading causes of fire damage. The goal is to educate you on how to make your home a safer place and to prevent costly fire damage. We will provide you with 10 important tips. Five will be this month and the remaining five tips with...

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Fire and Smoke Damage Manchester NH

Caution: “Fire Chasers”

It is a distasteful practice that is unfortunately common in our industry.  Some call it “ambulance chasing” while others may call it “fire chasing.”  The essence of the activity is that firms will hunt for property disasters and prey on victims of fires or floods. How is this done? Information about a property fire or disaster is obtained by listening to emergency service (Police/Fire) scanners or through notifications from special smart phone apps. Who does this? Many large (often franchise)...

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Holiday Tip: Extinguishing a Grease Fire

Can you believe the holidays are here? Tables loaded with food are just around the corner. With that comes a lot of cooking. Home cooked meals bring a lot of joy to a home, but they also can pose serious danger. Every year thousands of damaging fires are started as a result of cooking. One of the most common threats is a grease fire. So how do you deal with a grease fire if it should happen to you? –          Never use water on a grease fire –          Never carry a flaming pot or...

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