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Carpet cleaning NH

Carpet Cleaning Coupon- New Hampshire (NH)

Time for New Year Cleaning? Here’s your incentive to get it done now, or at least before February 29, 2016 with our 10% off coupon. Plus get a bottle of our famous “Spot Out”. Please remember to print and present the coupon at time of service! Click the image below for a larger image. Thanks for choosing Soil-Away’s professional carpet cleaning service for 25 years!

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Rob Chrsitenson- Soil-Away

A Word From Our Friend: Rob Christenson

Below is a letter recently composed by Soil-Away carpet cleaning technician and friend: Rob Christenson. Rob was a vital part of the Soil-Away operation for 14 terrific years. Many of our clients specifically requested (and still do) to have Rob scheduled to perform the carpet/upholstery cleaning at their home or business. We thank Rob for all the great years of service and wish him the best with current endeavors! Please support Rob and his son’s plumbing and heating company- From...

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professional carpet cleaning- manchester, nh

“Is professional carpet cleaning worth it?” – Asks Manchester Homeowners and Businesses

We are faced with carpet cleaning questions every day from clients in the Manchester, NH area. How important is it to get my carpets professionally cleaned? Is it worth the investment? Our answer is obviously “yes.” Carpet Cleaning is important and worth it. That is not our answer because we want to keep ourselves employed. It is because there is value in the services of a professional carpet cleaner. It starts with protecting the flooring investment in your home or business. Allow us to make...

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duct and vent cleaning- bedford, nh

Duct and Vent Cleaning- Bedford, NH

Duct and vent cleaning was a part of the discussion amongst board members of a neighborhood association in Bedford, NH. They were assembled for their monthly association meeting. The topic of duct and vent cleaning had never surfaced before. Recent events had pushed it to the top of the priority list. One of their neighbors just had a scare with a dryer fire. The dryer vent had never been cleaned. The built up lint and debris ignited causing a small fire. Within two weeks of the dryer fire, another...

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Rug Cleaning- Plymouth, NH

The big family reunion was just two days away. It was an annual event and this year it was being hosted in Plymouth. A lot had yet to be done before extended family arrived and took over the property. Groceries had to be purchased, towels had to be stocked, and the lawn needed to be mowed. The list seemed endless. Fortunately Soil-Away had just completed the rug cleaning of the Plymouth property just hours earlier. The host family could rest assured that their rugs and carpets would look perfect...

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dust control cleanup nh

Clean Me! – 3 Most Overlooked Places in Your Home (and Office)

Everyone is well aware of the cleaning needs that exist for kitchens of bathrooms. However, do you stop and consider the cleaning needs of other high-touch areas. We are talking about elements of the house (or office) that affect your breathing, touch your skin, and are shared by every creature using the property. As you learn about the three most overlooked places in your home where regular professional cleaning is needed, ask yourself, “when was the last time I had this cleaned?”

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Carpet Cleaning- Concord, NH

Spring had finally arrived in southern New Hampshire and the entire community was busy transitioning seasons. A Concord family of four was eagerly packing away their snow suits, winter boots, and sweaters. The father and two young sons just finished lugging the winter storage bins to the basement. They were transitioning their focus to the outside to rid the yard of leftover leaves from the fall and sweeping up accumulated sand from the winter. Inside the mother was going through the family spring...

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