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Mold Inspection – Nashua, NH

Mold Inspection – Nashua, NH

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When trying to deal with a mold problem at your property, it is important to work with the right people. Soliciting the help of certified mold professionals will expedite the procedure and increase chances of a successful outcome. The process often starts with a mold inspection by an industrial hygienist. This is followed by a mold remediation company to remove the mold itself. Recently, we (Soil-Away) were involved in a mold damage situation which followed this outline. The Nashua, New Hampshire (NH) homeowners had a mold inspection and then used our services to remediate the problem.
Our clients had just inherited a Nashua house from their uncle. The uncle had two other houses throughout the country. He spent less than two months a year in Nashua, which left the home empty most of the time. Vacant homes are susceptible to damage. When they flew in to inspect the Nashua property they did not know what to expect. They instantly discovered mold problems in several areas. Undetected leaking pipes were the sources moisture that caused the mold growth. The couple hired an industrial hygienist to perform a mold inspection. They wanted to know exactly how bad the home was affected by mold.
The mold inspection of the Nashua home took a couple hours. The industrial hygienist went room-by-room inspecting the structure and contents. He took pictures and moisture readings of each area. He also conducted air and surface samples which were sent off to a lab for analysis. Within four business days of the site visit, the industrial hygienist produced a thorough mold inspection report for the new homeowners to review. The mold report revealed room-by-room what was specifically affected and to what degree. The problem was severe and required professional mold remediation services.
Following the results of the mold inspection report, we were called in to perform the mold remediation services. Our project manager utilized the report to collaborate with the industrial hygienist on creating a scope to most effectively remove the mold problem. Our certified mold crews had to gut the entire first floor and basement of the Nashua home. The kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom were all severely contaminated by mold. We removed drywall ceilings and walls. We also had to dispose of the laminate floors and all cabinetry. All the home’s contents were removed prior to the demolition. The entire structure was HEPA vacuumed and cleaned with an anti-microbial. This includes the HVAC air duct system. HEPA air scrubbers were left running on site for 48 hours following the mold remediation. This was to clean the air in the home.
The industrial hygienist returned to the Nashua home following the remediation. A post-test mold inspection was necessary to verify that the remediation services were sufficient. Following a similar process, the inspector did a visual evaluation of the work along with additional air and surface samples. The lab results showed drastically reduced mold spore counts in the house. They were well within the recommended levels and the house was now safe and ready for rebuild.
It is important to recognize the roles of both the mold inspection and mold remediation steps when dealing with a mold problem. Property owners should work with two independent companies when it comes to both services. We caution against working with anyone claiming to perform both mold testing and remediation. It is a blatant conflict of interest. If you need mold remediation following a mold inspection, please contact the team at Soil-Away to coordinate services. We service the greater Nashua, Manchester, Portsmouth, Concord, and Laconia regions.

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