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Mold Clean Up Service - Auburn, NH 03032

Mold Clean Up Service – Auburn, NH 03032

It’s May here in New Hampshire (NH), which means all the great ice cream stands are now open after a long winter hiatus. Grills are being fired-up with delicious food and the smell of smores roasting over campfires fill the springtime air. While NH residents are focused on enjoying the newfound warmth and outdoor activities that May brings, there is another sight that residents should be on the lookout for—mold. Mold can occur in numerous locations throughout your home or business. It is a common occurrence after a snowy winter and rainy spring. Elevated moisture in the environment can lead to the need for a professional mold clean up service. For one Auburn, NH family their spring time activities have shifted to mold remediation.


What Is Mold?


Mold is a type of multi-cellular fungi that is made up of microorganisms, which are mostly composed of dead organic matter such as leaves and plants. There are over 100,000 types of mold in the world, most of them are harmless, however, any mold-related health concerns should be addressed with your physician. Mold can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, ranging from white to black, and can affect most areas in your home that are humid, moist and dark such as: attics, basements, and you guessed it, garages!


Water Damage Leads to Mold


The Auburn family of three was looking forward to starting their spring project of remodeling their garage into an office. The family had all their supplies and tools ready to go. They were excited to have an extra space in their home specially designed as a home office. When the family began moving some of the items that collected in the garage over the years, they noticed something that didn’t belong—mold. The mold growths were green and grey in color, and scattered throughout the wall boards. The family knew they couldn’t continue the remodel project until the mold was sufficiently and thoroughly remediated from the garage. After a quick internet search for “mold clean up service,” the Auburn family reached out to top-rated mold removal experts— Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services—to perform the mold clean up and removal.


The Process for Mold Clean Up Service


After having the mold tested by an industrial hygienist, Soil-Away’s mold certified crew members went in and began tackling the issue by first removing all the affected wall boards and insulation. Crew members were able to pinpoint one of the common causes of the garage’s mold growth—humidity and accumulated water that flowed into the garage during rainstorms. Since the water from past rainstorms didn’t have anywhere to drain, it collected in the corner of the garage, away from sightlines. Soil-Away crew members didn’t waste any time removing the mold growth. The mold remediation experts used HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers the remove the remaining mold. They also setup dehumidifies throughout the garage to dry-out the area. Within no time, the mold was successfully removed from the garage, in addition to the excess water that accumulated on the floor. The family was impressed by Soil-Away’s professionalism, promptness and attention to detail during the mold clean-up process.


Does Your Home or Business Have Mold?

Mold growth can be visible, as well as completely hidden, in locations that are humid, dark and moist. It is important for you to know the signs so you can contact a mold clean up service if necessary. A few common signs that your home or business may contain mold are:

  • A musty odor.
  • Visible mold growth (these may appear as small areas of dirt or soot).
  • Health symptoms resembling allergies (sneezing, watering eyes, etc.).
  • Knowledge of past water damage or excessive condensation.

Soil-Away Is Here for Your Mold Remediation Needs!

When NH residents discover their home or business has mold, it is important to contact a certified and insured mold remediation service such as Soil-Away. Soil-Away—a family-owned and operated business with over 25 years of mold removal experience— is equipped with HEPA machines, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and is IICRC master-certified. Soil-Away is here for Auburn residents when they have a mold clean-up project. Contact the mold and remediation experts today at 603-641-6555.


Written by: K. Gnatowski

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