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Fire Damage Restoration Service – Auburn, NH 03032

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What do cooking grills, stoves, power cord strips and space heaters all have in common? The ability to produce unwanted flames resulting in the need to utilize a fire damage restoration service. These everyday items can be found in many New Hampshire (NH) homes and businesses, as they add convenience and simplicity to our busy lives. While cooking a family dinner on the stove or plugging-in multiple power cords into a power strips is performed daily without a second thought, a fire emergency can be lurking behind these simple everyday tasks. One common source of fire damage are space heaters, which are generally used to heat unheated areas, such as a garage or basement.
According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), between 2009 and 2013, over 55,000 home structure fires were caused from heating equipment, such as a space heater. Business and home owners who have experience fire or smoke damage from a space heater should contact a trusted and professional fire damage restoration service company, such as Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services, who has over 25 years of fire cleanup experience.

What Is a Space Heater?

A space heater is an electric heating device that comes in various shapes and sizes, and can be mica- thermic (widespread heating), radiant (spot heating) or convective (even heating). Space heaters are oftentimes used to heat unheated areas, such as basements and garages. They provide a quick and convenient way to raise the temperature in a specific location. These heating devices can either be free-standing or connected to a wall, such as radiator or wall heater, and provide an alternative way to heat a location that may not need a consistently high temperature.

The Dangers of Space Heaters

According to the NFPA, space heaters resulted in two out of every five home heating fires between 2009 and 2013, and the leading cause of the space heater fire was the failure to clean the equipment. Dirt, dust and debris can collect inside the space heater and on the heating elements, causing them to become major fire hazards that can malfunction, break or spark an unexpected fire that requires a fire remediation company. It is essential to routinely clean an unplugged space heater unit with a damp cloth or sponge, to ensure debris does not build-up on the unit. Many Auburn, NH home and business owners take advantage of the conveniences that space heaters provide, however, it is essential to know what other factors can cause a space heater fire, such as:

  • Flammable or combustible items being located on or near the space heater (i.e. carpet, furniture, paint).
  • Overuse of an electrical outlet or power strip that the space heater is plugged into.
  • Malfunction in space heater cord or heating element.
  • Leaving the space heater unattended or sleeping with the space heater on.

Visit the NFPA website to learn more about space heater dangers and safety precautions.

Space Heater Safety Precautions

While space heaters are a quick and easy solution to heating an area, knowing what safety precautions to take can assist in the prevention of an unexpected space heater fire and costly fire damages. When purchasing or using a space heater, always keep in mind to:

  • Place the heater out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not place the heater on or in an unstable location (i.e. furniture or inside of a cabinet).
  • Routinely clean and maintain the space heater.
  • Do not leave the space heater unattended or sleep with the space heater on.
  • Do not place objects inside of the space heater.
  • Check that the space heater does not have any loose, broken or damaged parts.
  • Do not place any flammable items near or on the space heater (i.e. blankets, paint, carpet, etc.).

Soil-Away-The #1 Fire Damage Restoration Service Company for Auburn, NH

Soil-Away’s fire, soot and smoke damage experts understand how difficult and overwhelming fires are to NH home and businesses, and we are here to make this time less-stressful for you by proving prompt, trustworthy and professional fire damage restoration services. Soil-Away is a family-owned and operated business that is IICRC master-certified and has over 25 years of restoration and cleanup experience. We work closely with insurance companies during the restoration process to ensure a smooth and easy claim, so you can get life back to normal quickly! Contact the fire damage restoration service hotline at Soil-Away today at 603-641-6555.
Written by: K. Gnatowski

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