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Country Club Flood Cleanup – New Hampshire

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A country club needed major flood cleanup repairs after a large rainstorm swept through the area. The owner of the New Hampshire establishment was upset when he opened the basement door and uncovered an ankle-deep pool of water. He called a few of his friends to help him remove the valuable items from the basement to store them in a dry, safe room within the building.

Emergency Flood Cleanup for Country Club

After clearing away the salvageable items, he contacted members of the club to notify them of the situation and cancel all upcoming meetings until further notice. The club owner realized that the flooded basement cleanup job was too much for him to take on alone, so he turned to Google to help him find a professional team of experts who specialize in emergency flood cleanup and repair services.

It only took a few seconds of online browsing for him to find Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services. They were an excellent fit for the customer as they specialized in commercial fire and flood cleanup. He quickly called the restoration service to schedule an emergency service. The cleanup process was pretty simple, and the club was back to normal quickly with barely any down-time for the operation. He was so pleased with the results that he signed up for their ERP (emergency response protocols) program and promised to recommend the company to anyone who may need a repair after a storm in the future.

Commercial Flooded Basement Cleanup Process

The crew started the flooded basement cleanup process by removing all excess water. This was done using high-powered truck mounted extractors.  After all excess water was removed, the team used moisture meters to ensure that the job was done right the first time around. The moisture inspection helped identify all hidden pockets of water so that they could be dried and treated properly. Commercial drying equipment was installed to eradicate any remaining pockets of moisture. Once the flooded basement cleanup was complete, the restoration team applied an anti-microbial spray to the surface of the floor to discourage pesky mold from making the country club basement their fungi kingdom.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Team in New Hampshire

Don’t wait until a disaster strikes, call the team of experts who are on your side.  The Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration team has a dedicated ERP (emergency response protocol) squad to help you better prepare for future disasters before it strikes. Major disasters such as floods and fires are inevitable. Having an effective plan of action before a disaster takes place can make the difference in the recovery rate of a commercial building. Statistics show that 40 percent of commercial operations never reopen for business after a major disaster takes place, and over a quarter of the businesses will cease to operate after two years.  Soil-Away will help you prepare for the worst by responding to emergencies and property damage using our secure cloud-based software. With our secure system, clients can streamline communication 24 hours/7 days a week.

It is Soil-Away’s top priority to ensure that company owners can enjoy short business interruption, minimize the operation’s downtime, and reduce restoration costs. The team of experts understand the value of high-quality service and access to emergency help. Soil-Away flood cleanup services have helped the New Hampshire area for over 25 years and have grown exponentially since its humble beginnings in 1990.

For professional-level flooded basement cleanup, don’t hesitate to call the company with proven success in the industry. The emergency response team can be reached at (603) 641-6555.

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