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Best ways to practice electrical cord safety

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Technology can be a wonderful thing; and something we can take for granted. We’ve advanced far beyond what our great-grandparents and even grandparents ever dreamed. We have telephones, televisions, personal computers, kitchen appliances (microwaves, toasters, slow-cookers, coffee pots, etc); and all this doesn’t even include the objects we use in the modern workplace. This would include business computers, tablets, smartphones, copiers, and office appliances. Many of these things we take for granted and tend to use without thinking of our safety. We don’t think about how the tangled up mess of cords can endanger us. In order to keep ourselves safe, we need to practice electrical cord safety.

Hazards and precautions with power cords

There are many hazards that can be presented by electrical cords.

  • Tripping – tripping can be dangerous, if they fall or get injured. In the workplace this can be a terrible mishap. If a customer gets severely injured the firm could be in serious legal trouble. But even if they come out of the situation unscathed, there are other unfortunate and even costly incidents that can occur. Important office equipment could get damaged. A computer, a screen or any other small fixture could fall and break, costing the firm large amounts of money.
  • Electric shock hazards – power cords carry strong electrical currents. If they are carelessly placed they can cause serious harm.
  • Replace any old or damaged electrical cord
  • Keep all cords away from water sources; not only the obvious but also open windows and  potted plants
  • Use only cords certified by Underwriter Laboratory (UL cords). These have been tested to meet U.S. safety standards.
  • Fire hazards – any damaged or frayed cord could also be a fire hazard. If the cords catch fire it could be quite dangerous. Smoke and heat can harm your equipment  as well as release dangerous chemicals from plastic or metal mechanisms
  • Careful not to overload an extension cord or power strip by connecting it to other extension cords or power strips
  • Plugging too many appliances into an extension cord at once could also be a fire hazard
  • Running electrical cords under a rug can be dangerous. If they become damaged or overheated, it can create a fire

Other extension cord safety warnings

When using an extension cord, be careful; if your appliance pulls more current than your cord can take, a fire could erupt.

  • Make sure your cord matches the work environment: outdoor cords are protected with covers to protect them from weather/damage.
  • Make sure the number of prongs fit the outlet
  • Be sure to pick the right length of cord; the longer the cord; the less power is supplied.

If fire damage strikes

If smoke or fire damage does occur, call the disaster restoration experts at Soil-Away. They can get your home or business up and running in no time. Soil-Away is an IICRC-master certified company with over 25 years of service. The company offers full-service emergency cleanup and general contracting for the repairs. Soil-Away is available for you 24/7/365 at (603) 641-6555.

Written by E. Aceves

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