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Fire Damage Repair – Auburn, NH 03032

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It’s never fun to get to the point where you need fire damage repairs on your house.  Ask the family in Auburn, NH, who after undergoing a fire in their home are devastated when they see their home in flames and several of their personal belongings ruined.  They now seek fire damage repair. 

Fire Damage Prevention

The customers in Auburn, NH will tell you firsthand that the best way to avoid a fire is to prevent it altogether.  That’s not always possible, as some fires happen naturally, ignited from heat by the sun, a lightning strike, or some other means.  However, most cases of fire damage occur because of human carelessness.  Carelessness can occur around cooking, cigarettes, burning debris, matches, and fireworks.  Knowing that humans are a main cause for fires, it is important that people are aware and have common sense when a potential dangerous situation with fire arises.  Essentially, there are tips to limit the chance of fires, so that the need for fire damage repairs will not occur.  These tips include:

  • Keep all fires and heaters guarded
  • Position portable heaters and candles safely away from furniture, curtains, and places where they could be easily knocked over
  • Do not dry or air clothes near a fire or cooker
  • No smoking in your house
  • Never leave a pan unattended in the kitchen when frying
  • Keep matches and lighters away from children
  • Do not use appliances with worn or damaged flexes
  • Have wiring checked before use
  • Handle portable appliances with care
  • If an appliance appears faulty, stop using it and have it checked before using again
  • Never overload an electric socket
  • Have your chimney swept before using

You should follow these tips so that a fire can be prevented in the first place!

The Direct Effects of Fire Damage

If you were unable to prevent a fire, like the family in Auburn, NH, then your priority needs to focus on recovering from fire damage.  The family in Auburn had their property damaged in the fire, including their walls, cabinets, and counter tops.  The smoke from the fire was hazardous and had a bad odor.  The smoke spread throughout their home, staining their walls and carpets and leaving dust, dirt, and soot across the surfaces of their home.

Indirect Effects of Fire Damage

Fire damage is far more extensive than just burning property and spreading smoke.  For example, fire damage can lead to water damage.  If the fire bursts a pipe or causes a leak, it can spill water into your house.  You would then need to seek water damage repairs as well.  Fires can also damage electrical wiring, plumbing, and appliances.  Fires are destructive, and they could require many different services to not only ensure your house is repaired, but also functioning normally.  Thankfully, Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services offers all these repair services.

Fire Damage Repair Services

The family in Auburn, NH called Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services for fire damage repairs.  Soil-Away offers 24-hour services, is highly recommended, and has technicians with over 25 years of experience dealing with repairs for fire damage.  When the Soil-Away project managers came to the house in Auburn, NH, they assessed the damages and prepared their teams to successfully complete the project.  The technicians sanitized and deodorized the home, made as many of the customer’s belongings useable again, and eliminated the odor.  In certain cases, the fire damage was so substantial that parts of the structure needed to be removed and replaced. The installers took care of the whole process. The renovation and repairs following the fire were a success.

Soil-Away Is an All-in-One Service

Fires are devastating because they can lead to massive damages.  The family in Auburn, NH was right to call Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services because they offered multiple repair services.  The IICRC certified team was informative, professional, and trained for water and fire damage repairs.  When the repairs were completed, the customer’s home was as good as new.  If you need fire or water damage restoration services, don’t hesitate to call Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration at (603) 641-6555.
By A. Phelps

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