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Water Damage Extraction – Bedford, NH

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Hazards of water disasters

When water is moving at high speeds, it can be quite dangerous. It can push your feet out from under you, sending you down the current at a dangerously high speed. It can even move vehicles. It can shift boulders, uproot trees, tear down buildings and take out bridges. Even standing water can be destructive. It can harbor dangerous animals such as snakes and can cause structural damage to a building. If unwelcomed water has made its way into your home, whether through bad plumbing, a burst pipe or a natural disaster, you need serious water damage extraction and cleanup services.

Damaging effects of water

Water is destructive. In minutes:

  • It can destroy furniture finishes
  • It can cause your furnishings to leave stains on carpets.
  • It can cause electronics to malfunction

Within hours:

  • Building materials and furniture can swell and delaminate
  • Noxious odors can start
  • Bacteria can spread and cross contaminate areas

Within days:

  • Mold can start to grow
  • Wallpaper peels and paint blisters
  • Wood floors and furnishings begin to warp

In weeks:

  • Mold is doing its destructive job of decomposing organic materials
  • Causing health issues in people especially those with respiratory problems and people who are allergic
  • Water causes enough structural damage to the residence that drastic measures must be taken to save the home/office.
  • Standing water can displace individuals from their homes

Water damage extraction is crucial

The fastest way to recover from water damage is quickly extracting the flood water. The longer it sits, the more damage it causes. Extraction can be done with submersible pumps, portable extraction units or heavy-duty truck-mounted extraction machines. All have different applications and a top-tier restoration company should have access to all methods.

Getting help after a flood

If your home or office has been exposed to water damage, it is imperative that you call a restoration professional. Water damage extraction is a tricky thing and should be handled by experts; someone who has the experience and equipment to do it right. You need to hire a restoration company and Soil-Away is the one to call. With over 25 years of experience, they have the qualified technicians as well as the equipment needed to go above and beyond to help get your home back in shape. They are available 24/7. Call them at (603) 641-6555. Don’t delay!

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