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Water Damage Cleanup for Habitat for Humanity- Nashua, NH

Soil-Away recently performed a large water damage cleanup project with Habitat for Humanity- Nashua, NH Chapter. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit which, “works in partnership with local people and businesses to assist people in need by building and renovating houses.  We help create simple, decent houses to foster communities in which people can live and grow.”

The organization is currently working on a Nashua home which was donated to them. Prior to renovations, the property sustained serious water damage from a broken pipe. They called upon Soil-Away to help.

Flooded Basement Cleanup- Laconia, NH

A broken pipe had leaked water into an unfinished basement. It occured for over eight hours. Panicked homeowners searched online for flooded basement cleanup companies in the Laconia, NH area. They quickly found Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration. A call to the company and a water damage restoration crew was on its way.

Sewer Backup Cleanup- Manchester, NH

How can beautiful trees outside a home cause the need for an emergency sewer backup cleanup? Old underground sewer pipes, especially in cities such as Manchester, NH, are susceptible to root infiltration. The combination of aging plumbing and growing roots can cause a blockage. When the outflow of sewage is impeded a backup occurs. If sewage is flowing back into the house it is an emergency. Immediate action must be taken to fix the blockage. Sewer backup cleanup is needed as well.

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Hurricane Season: 4 Strategies to Defend Against Storm Damage

According to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the official Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. Approximately 78% of the peak tropical activity occurs in August, September, and October. Knowing what volatile and destructive weather is potentially ahead, it would be wise to strategize and implement a game plan to deal with potential disasters. The goal of New Hampshire and Massachusetts residents should be to

Water Damage Cleanup - Salem, NH

Water Damage Cleanup – Salem, NH

A frustrated father whips his sopping wet sneakers across the back yard of his Salem house. He was in the middle of an emergency water damage cleanup situation at his house. The finished basement had an inch of water throughout. The place was a flooded mess. How did this happen? What can be done to mitigate the water damage? Clinching his brow with his left hand, he stares straight into the sky and mentally drifts off.

Water Damage Restoration- Laconia, NH

The past two weeks had been a whirlwind. This is what the body language of the exhausted contractor displayed as he climbed into his truck. As he turned the key to start the engine, he took one last glance in his rearview mirror at the Laconia property he had just finished the water damage restoration rebuild on. Two weeks ago the property suffered extensive water damage on the first floor kitchen and finished basement.

Water Restoration Professional – Windham, NH

Water Damage Cleanup- Manchester, NH

A partner in prestigious Manchester law firm sees a strange number come across his phone. It is after 8:00pm, but he answers anyway. On the other line is a panicked voice. The janitor has just arrived for the nightly cleaning and discovered that a pipe had burst. The janitor is quick to describe the water damage throughout the office. As far as the partner knows, no one had been in the office for a few hours. How long had the broken pipe been pouring water into his Manchester office?

The janitor was able to shut the water off to the building, but emergency water damage mitigation services were needed. Carpets, walls, and furniture were soaked. The office shop-vac was no match. The partner was quick to find Soil-Away online and immediately contacted the emergency water damage cleanup team. Soil-Away technicians assembled at the nearby Hooksett shop and rapidly dispatched to the flooded Manchester office.

Soil-Away crews worked into the night to clean up the water damage. By 2:00am, the excess water had been extracted and the scene was setup for drying. Commercial dehumidifiers and air movers worked to remove excess moisture from the structure. All the partners in the law firm arrived Saturday morning to meet a Soil-Away representative to discuss the damages. Appreciation was expressed for the quick response time and competent water mitigation service. By Monday morning the structure had nearly finished drying and most of the equipment was removed. The law firm was able to remain open and operating without any costly downtime.

amage Restoration Service – Bow, NH

Preventing Water Damage in Basement

Avoiding water damage at your property should be a priority. Every year thousands are New Hampshire and Massachusetts basements suffer from flooding. This costs millions of dollars in damage and provides endless frustration to owners. Rest assured that there are precautions you can take to protect yourself and reduce the possibility of a flooded basement.

Below are three simple strategies that you can employ to help prevent costly water damage at your property. Please understand these ideas are not a total solution, but they serve as a large step in the right direction towards your quest to avoid basement flooding…

1)      Gutters: These simple devices serve to divert rain water away from your home. Do you have gutters? If not, have a qualified contractor review your property to discuss options for installation. Are they clean? Gutters can accumulate dirt, debris, and leaves. Fall and spring are the best times to clean them out. Are the downspouts channeling water away from your foundation? Gutters can create problems such as pooling near the foundation if they are not directed properly.

2)      Grading: Believe it or not the slope of your property can have a huge impact on flooding. Inspect your property during the next rain storm. Do you have pooling in areas around the foundation? If there are apparent low spots that are susceptible to accumulating water, you could have a problem. We suggest a property regrade that will divert water away from your home. Seek the counsel of a qualified landscaper or excavation contractor.

3)      Sump Pump: As ground water levels rise a sump pump can come to the rescue. This important device works to keep the area under a building dry. They are typically installed in the lowest area of a basement in a special pit. As water accumulates in the pit, the pump will work to drive water away from the building. When planning the installation, make sure to take into account the power source of the pump. Make sure to have a backup solution in the event power is lost.

If you are submitting a water damage claim to your insurance carrier for your New Hampshire or Massachusetts property, let them know you are using Soil-Away.


Water Disaster Restoration- Nashua, NH

Basement Flooding- Bedford, NH

It was a rainy weekend in late March. Over 48 hours of continuous precipitation hovered over much of New Hampshire, including the community of Bedford. Over the weekend Soil-Away received an emergency call from an elderly couple who had just discovered over six inches of water in their basement. Increasing water levels in the ground and neighboring bodies of water had caused their home to flood. The concerned couple called a trusted friend who referred Soil-Away. A water mitigation team arrived to the Bedford property the same day.

Upon arrival, Soil-Away technicians inspected the property, established safety precautions for the scene, and began the flood damage cleanup process. The anxious couple was both relieved to have help and reassured by the organization and proficiency of the team. Technicians diligently worked to pump and extract the excess water out of the basement. They relocated wet and damaged contents to the garage where they could be sorted and inventoried. Each phase of the job was documented by pictures and notes.

Following the flood extraction, the basement was cleaned and treated to avoid potential microbial growth issues down the line. Commercial dehumidifiers and air movers were set up to remove excess moisture and complete the drying process. A Soil-Away technician returned daily to Bedford to check on the couple, answer any questions, and inspect the drying progress. After three days the house had been returned to pre-loss conditions and all the drying equipment was removed.

During the process the relieved couple referred Soil-Away to their Bedford friends and neighbors who had also suffered flooded basements. Soil-Away’s water damage cleanup teams performed dozens of similar jobs as a result of helping this couple in need.

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