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Water Damage Restoration- Laconia, NH

The past two weeks had been a whirlwind. This is what the body language of the exhausted contractor displayed as he climbed into his truck. As he turned the key to start the engine, he took one last glance in his rearview mirror at the Laconia property he had just finished the water damage restoration rebuild on. Two weeks ago the property suffered extensive water damage on the first floor kitchen and finished basement.

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Water Restoration Professional – Windham, NH

Water Damage Cleanup- Manchester, NH

A partner in prestigious Manchester law firm sees a strange number come across his phone. It is after 8:00pm, but he answers anyway. On the other line is a panicked voice. The janitor has just arrived for the nightly cleaning and discovered that a pipe had burst. The janitor is quick to describe the water damage throughout the office. As far as the partner knows, no one had been in the office for a few hours. How long had the broken pipe been pouring water into his Manchester office? The janitor...

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amage Restoration Service – Bow, NH

Preventing Water Damage in Basement

Avoiding water damage at your property should be a priority. Every year thousands are New Hampshire and Massachusetts basements suffer from flooding. This costs millions of dollars in damage and provides endless frustration to owners. Rest assured that there are precautions you can take to protect yourself and reduce the possibility of a flooded basement. Below are three simple strategies that you can employ to help prevent costly water damage at your property. Please understand these ideas are...

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Water Disaster Restoration- Nashua, NH

Basement Flooding- Bedford, NH

It was a rainy weekend in late March. Over 48 hours of continuous precipitation hovered over much of New Hampshire, including the community of Bedford. Over the weekend Soil-Away received an emergency call from an elderly couple who had just discovered over six inches of water in their basement. Increasing water levels in the ground and neighboring bodies of water had caused their home to flood. The concerned couple called a trusted friend who referred Soil-Away. A water mitigation team arrived...

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