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Water Damage Cleanup – Salem, NH

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A frustrated father whips his sopping wet sneakers across the back yard of his Salem house. He was in the middle of an emergency water damage cleanup situation at his house. The finished basement had an inch of water throughout. The place was a flooded mess. How did this happen? What can be done to mitigate the water damage? Clinching his brow with his left hand, he stares straight into the sky and mentally drifts off.
It was the weekend of his twin daughters’ birthday party. They were turning five years old and looking forward to the festivities for months. This day was supposed to be perfect. Just an hour ago everything was lining up as planned. All one and a half acres had been meticulously mowed by the landscaper; the caterers were busy setting up the platters; tables, chairs, and colorful balloons lined the backyard of the Salem property. Even the weather was cooperating. In fact it was uncharacteristically warm for this early summer day. So warm in fact that the family decided to setup the inflatable pool early. This decision would end up changing the course of the day. No one was expecting the basement to flood causing extensive water damage as a result of setting up the pool.
The inflatable pool took all of 2,800 gallons of water to fill. Dad setup the garden hose from the spigot and went back to work other parts of the party checklist. Little did the family know, the exterior water spigot had split over the winter during a deep freeze. The split was hidden in a wall in the basement and not discovered until hours after turning the water on. While the pool filled with unusually low water pressure, the basement was taking the brunt of the water flow. Everyone was outside oblivious to the continuous water damage occurring in the basement of the Salem home.
In an effort to calm down, the father pulls out his phone to call for help. He is tired the water damage cleanup process. He cannot do it on his own and needs a professional water damage restoration company that services Salem. The father calls his general contractor friend for advice. Immediately a referral is given for Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration.
The anxious father dials their after-hours emergency line for Soil-Away’s water damage restoration services. A caring and competent associate immediately answers the phone and gathers all the contact information. Within just minutes, a water damage mitigation crew is being dispatched to Salem to clean up the flooded basement. “What is involved in the water damage restoration process?” asks the father closing out the conversation with the Soil-Away associate. Being stressed, the father did not remember much of the answer. He just had peace of mind knowing a reputable restoration firm was on the way to extract the water, clean and dry the basement, and document the whole loss for his insurance claim. It was time for him to regain his composure and focus on what the day was about: His twin daughters’ birthday party. The first guest was pulling up the driveway right now.

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