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Soot Damage Restoration – Londonderry, NH

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The need for smoke and soot damage restoration services was not on the summer “to-do” list for one Londonderry, New Hampshire (NH) couple. Unfortunately a day of grilling turned their summer plans up-side-down. It was a warm Saturday in June. A day which was supposed to be full of friends and fun. Unfortunately a grilling mishap ruined the party. A gas grill was too close to the home. The grill was overloaded when a grease flare up ignited the nearby deck and side of the house. As the fire burned on the exterior of the home, smoke and soot was carried inside the house. The BBQ was over. Soot damage restoration was needed immediately.

Soot Damage Restoration and Insurance Claims

The smoke and soot damage restoration professionals from Soil-Away were called to the scene to clean up the Londonderry property. It was an insurance claim. The crew leader from Soil-Away carefully documented the damages for the clients and insurance company. He took pictures of their belongings covered in soot. A sketch of the entire home was also drawn up. All of this information was submitted to the insurance company for quick process of the claim. The homeowners were very happy with how seamlessly Soil-Away was able to work with the insurance company on their behalf.
The soot damage cleaning and smoke deodorization process was extensive. A crew of four certified fire damage restoration technicians took two days to fully clean the property. Every surface had to be cleaned. Ceilings, walls and floors were wiped down. Fixtures, appliances and furniture were all washed. Every item in the house exposed to the smoke odor and soot needed attention. Soil-Away even took care of all the soft-contents in the home. This primarily consisted of clothing. Soft-contents were packed out of the home and brought to Soil-Away’s Certified Esporta Wash Facility in Hooksett for cleaning. Items were returned in just days. The couple was thrilled because their clothes no longer smelled like smoke.

Recovering from Fire Damage

When the soot damage restoration cleaning was completed, Soil-Away did a full walkthrough with the couple. This was to ensure satisfaction. They collectively inspected all the cleaning. To everyone’s delight the smoke odor was gone. The haze of soot no longer blemished their walls or furniture. The couple could get back to using their home. Soil-Away’s smoke and soot damage restoration had helped the Londonderry couple recover from property disaster.
Many New Hampshire (NH) residents enjoy grilling during the summer months. Too many do not take the necessary safety precautions to ensure a safe grilling experience. There are thousands of grilling fires in the United States every year. They can cause personal injury and property damage. This case study on soot damage restoration is a strong case for NH residents to take grilling safety seriously.

Emergency Contact for Fire and Soot Damage Cleanup

Soil-Away is Londonderry, New Hampshire’s soot damage restoration expert. Soil-Away specializes in helping families and businesses recovery from property disasters such as floods and fires. If your property has been damaged by smoke or soot do not delay in calling the disaster restoration professionals at Soil-Away – 603-641-6555. The company works with all insurance carriers to ensure you have a smooth fire damage claim experience.

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