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Smoke Odor Removal Service - Eliot, ME

Smoke Odor Removal Service – Eliot, ME

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An avid antique collector in Eliot, ME experienced a devastating fire that wiped out many belongings in her home.  The fire crew acted quickly to extinguish the fire and salvage several of the collectibles, though they could not save them all.  Devastated, the woman knew that many of the collectibles may never be the same, as several have been affected by the lingering smell of smoke.  The homeowner sought a smoke odor removal service to extinguish the smell of smoke in her home, antiques, and furniture.

Types of Fire Residue

Oftentimes, it’s not the fire that is dangerous, but rather smoke damage that occurs after the fire.  The remains from a fire aren’t always visible.  Sometimes they are noticeable by scent or touch.  In any case, it is important that people recognize the types of fire residue so that they can understand and respond to the effects.  Listed below are types of fire residue:

  • Smoke- the visible vapor, gases, and fine particles given off by burning material. 
  • Soot- black or dull brown particles of carbon or tar, in a solid form, produced by the incomplete combustion of coal or oil. 
  • Smoke odor– The smell of smoke present in one’s home or business, which can affect the air quality

Each one of these effects from smoke can impact people’s health and their belongings.  Think about the woman in Eliot, ME who has hundreds of collectibles.  All those collectibles may now see a decrease in price value because they are tainted by smoke.

Finding the Right Smoke Odor Removal Service

Over the next couple days after the fire broke out, the woman in Eliot, ME had called several different smoke odor removal services to get rid of the frequent smells of smoke and fire in her home.  Each one of these companies claimed they got the job done, only for her to smell the odor once again.

The lady then decided to contact a more reputable company, named Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services. Soil-Away is a highly credible, disaster relief restoration company local to New England that provides fire damage and smoke odor removal services.  According to the lady’s friends, the technicians from Soil-Away are knowledgeable and IICRC certified.  They not only clean up fire and water damage but leave the home or business better than it was before.

Clearing the Smoke Odor Issue

Upon their arrival, the technicians examined the woman’s house.  They used mild cleaning products to effectively clean the soot and smoke off many of the collectibles, as well as air purifiers to eliminate odor in the house. 

As for the soft contents and textiles, the technicians cleaned each individual item, as well as used the Esporta is4000, a wash system that is five times more effective than traditional laundry to clean many of the soft contents.  Once they had finished, many of the items looked and smelled new, as if they had not even been in a fire.  The house was back to looking like the museum it had been before the fire started.

Call Soil-Away Today at 1-800-293-6319

If you experience any kind of smoke damage and need a smoke odor removal service, such as the woman in Eliot, ME, call Soil Away today.  Soil-Away not only offers relief for related fire damages, but also water damage, mold remediation, and rebuilding services.  Make Soil-Away your first choice for disaster restoration and we promise you’ll be satisfied.

By A. Phelps

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