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Water Damage from a Burst Pipe – New Hampshire

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It was a bitter cold winter and the residents of a New Hampshire senior living facility were having a tough time. On a cold, overcast day Martin, the manager of the establishment, ventured through the facility to check on his residents. Everyone seemed to be fine. The gas and electricity were running well and the rooms in the facility were warm and comfortable. As he inspected the basement, however, Martin noticed the gurgling sound of water. After going down a few steps, he saw that water had made its way into the building. His mind immediately went to worst-case-scenario: Had they just suffered water damage from a burst pipe?

The senior living facility manager was alarmed and puzzled; what happened? How did this much water get into the building? Something had to be done. What if indeed a frozen pipe had burst? He had to think fast. He ran to turn off the water shutoff valve. The sound of running water ceased. Remembering the bitter cold the city was experiencing, he figured it had to have something to do with a frozen pipe. He made his way back to his office. He had to find a restoration company before the water damage from a burst pipe caused more harm than what was already done.

Reacting to water damage from a burst pipe

Cold weather can take its toll on the human body, it can make things icy and slippery; it can also cause damage to pipes. To deal with water damage from a burst pipe here are a few things you can do:

  • Think safety first: Be cautious of slippery floors, submerged electrical cords, collapsing ceilings and moving heavy, water-logged objects.
  • Turn off the water shut-off valve (water will continue to flow otherwise). In most buildings this is in the lowest part of the structure such as a basement or crawlspace.
  • Assess the damage; begin to remove items (furniture, personal items, etc). Get rid of any damaged items to prevent mold growth. Document everything with photos.
  • Extract the water. Even after contacting a restoration service, get a jump on things and start removing as much water as possible. You can rent a pump or even use a bucket to bail out the water.

Contact a professional water damage cleanup company

After Martin figured the flooding must have been from a burst pipe, he did another smart thing; he contacted a restoration company to clean and dry the structure. He knew that this job was going to require a lot of work. This was something he wasn’t equipped to handle on his own. Not only does the water have to be removed without damage to the building; there was also the concern of mold. After a thorough research of restoration companies in his area, he hired Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration. Available 24/7, Soil-Away has highly-skilled professionals that have the know-how and equipment to handle the job. They are an IICRC certified company with over 25 years of service. They know exactly how to deal with this situation. Martin called them and they were there in no time. They extracted the water and used their equipment to make sure mold didn’t stand a chance of growing. For water damage from a burst pipe don’t delay, get a hold of the experts. Call Soil-Away at 603-641-6555. 

Written by E. Aceves

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