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Sewer Damage Cleanup – Exeter, NH

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Sewer damage at an apartment complex in Exeter, NH left several residents troubled when they saw dirty water push up through the pipes into their living spaces.  Several residents complained when they were unable to use clean water and everyday appliances.  Worried about their health and living spaces, the residents called the apartment manager and demanded that there be a sewer damage cleanup.

More Than Just Sewer Damage

The possibility of having contaminants or blood borne pathogens in sewer water is high, making sewer damage very dangerous.  No one should ever try to clear the damage on their own and should always look to experts or professionals for a sewer damage cleanup. 

Some of the reasons for sewer damage happen to be out of the control of citizens. That doesn’t mean that people can’t play a part in preventing sewer damage, nor does it mean that people shouldn’t be informed about how sewer damage occurs. One of the best solutions to preventing sewer damage is awareness.  Listed below are some reasons out of our control for why sewer damage happens:

  • Blockage of a city sanitary main: When a city’s pipes get blocked, it may also cause water to back up within one’s home
  • Aging sewer systems
  • Tree roots: Especially with older pipes, tree roots find their ways to penetrate pipes and cause blockages
  • City-related pipeline issues: Storms can overwhelm combined pipelines, causing water to back up
  • Overflow or back-up of the drainage systems in your home, apartment, or business due to debris or excess water flow

All of these situations have to do with either old or aging pipes or blockages in the city water’s pipes.  In either case, a plumber should be consulted alongside the water damage cleaning company so that future damages can be prevented.  In the case of the apartment complex, the managers hired a water damage company to clean the damage, as well as a plumber to check the apartment’s pipes, so that the residents would be at ease that sewer damage would not occur again.

Sewer Damage Cleanup Procedures

The managers of the apartment complex in Exeter, NH, hired technicians from the local disaster restoration company, Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services for the sewer damage cleanup.  Soil-Away has highly knowledgeable IICRC-trained technicians, who have successfully restored homes and businesses, as well as provided disaster relief since 1990.

Because of the dangerous conditions, residents had to be evacuated from the apartment complex in Exeter, NH.  The technicians took safety measures by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) as they entered.  Inside, the technicians identified, repaired, and eliminated the source of sewage and water damage.

Call Soil-Away Today! (603) 641-6555

What makes Soil-Away special is not just having professional technicians who follow safety procedures and provide sewer damage cleanup to your home or business, but the fact that the business is local and provides several needs besides just water damage restoration.  Some of these needs include: fire damage cleanup, mold remediation, and reconstruction services.  If any of these disasters occur in your home or business, please call Soil-Away today.  They will ensure your home is safe, clean, and just as great, if not better, than it was before the disaster struck.

By A. Phelps

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