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Local Hotel Needs Water Damage Cleanup – Nashua, NH

Local Hotel Needs Water Damage Cleanup – Nashua, NH

A local hotel in Nashua, NH seeks a water damage cleanup company after a damaged sprinkler pipe caused water to rush out into the lobby.  The maintenance staff was unaware of the faulty pipe, and it caused distraction and fear among the customers who were about to check into their hotel rooms.  Frantic, the maintenance staff patched up the pipe as best they could, doing their best to avoid being seen by customers who may reconsider checking into a hotel that has a damaged sprinkler pipe.  The staff immediately reached out to their supervisor to call a local water damage cleanup company.

Broken Sprinklers Cause Flood Damage

Some causes for damaged sprinkler pipes include freeze ups, mechanical deficiencies such as corrosion, manufacturing issues and improper installation.  At first, the maintenance staff was unsure how the damaged sprinkler pipe burst.  Upon further inspection, they realized that the pipes were damaged in the area where renovations had just taken place to reconstruct the lobby.  The maintenance staff assumed that the construction workers who had been rebuilding parts of the lobby must have unintentionally punctured the pipes with their forklifts or nail guns.  After pipe was compromised it was only a matter of time before eventually opening at the damage points. This resulted in a large amount of sudden water damage. 

Make Sprinkler Repairs and Water Damage Mitigation the Priority

Without a proper working sprinkler system, the hotel can also experience the opposite of a water damage cleanup by allowing fire damage.  If there was ever a fire in the hotel, clogged or broken sprinklers may not turn on to put out the fire quick enough.  The hotel could be susceptible to smoke damage, odor, and a serious destructive fire.  Fire damage can be minimized if the hotel were to have working sprinkler pipes. In addition to calling Soil-Away to mitigate the water damage, the hotel had their fire suppression company come out to fix the pipes immediately. Safety for building occupants was the number one priority.

The experts will tell you that sprinkler pipes should be properly maintained in order to prevent water damage.  As a homeowner or maintenance worker, one can verify that water shutoff valves are open and that the storage tank is full.  Pipes should be properly insulated to avoid freezing in the winter.  A flow test should also be performed periodically to make sure the sprinklers are properly working.  It is best to contact professionals who know how to perform these tests and check ups rather than to take maintenance into one’s own hands.

Soil-Away Provides Water Damage Cleanup

As soon as he heard about the damaged pipe, the owner of the hotel in Nashua, NH called Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services, a local company that provides disaster restoration and relief within New England since 1990.  Soil-Away was able to restore the state of mind to the hotel and allow the hotel staff to return their concern to customers. Soil-Away offers 24-hour services not only to handle water damage cleanup, but to also provide fire damage cleanup, mold remediation, and construction services.  If you are seeking water damage cleanup and restoration, please call Soil-Away immediately at (603) 641-6555.

By A. Phelps

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