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Sewer Backup Cleaning – Concord, NH

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Sewage backup can be a real problem in your Concord, NH home. The smell and mess it leaves behind are the least of your worries. It can present a number of problems including health hazards. These hazards include viruses, bacteria and parasites. Sewer backup cleaning can also be a daunting task.

Causes of sewage backup

The typical causes of sewage backup fall into three main categories: clogging; experiencing a problem with just one toilet, sink, or tub means that it’s probably a clog in a particular drain. However, if every flush creates a sewage backup, it’s possible the main sewer line is blocked. Another cause is tree roots; these roots can grow into the pipes and cause holes and blockages or they can wrap around the sewer line and crush it. Damaged sewer lines are another cause of sewage backup. This usually happens when the property is old and has pipes made of cast iron and clay which tend to rust and corrode as opposed to newer lines made of plastic. Sewer backup cleaning is something you need to do as quickly as possible. Here are some steps for cleanup.

Procedures for sewer backup cleaning

Safety first; before you start, you should identify any potential utility hazards. This is necessary when the backup happens in the basement, and appliances, such as a gas furnace, or electrical outlets are affected by the backup. Put on safety equipment (rubber boots, face shield, rubber gloves, protective suit). Remove water with wet/dry vacuum or a pump if the level is high. Starting from the farthest and working back, clean walls with disinfectant and water and use clear water to rinse off. Clean hard-surface floors with a mop and bucket and water with disinfectant solution. After cleanup, before doing anything else; take a hot shower, cleaning all parts of your body. Properly dispose of contaminated PPE (personal protective equipment). Contact utility companies to inspect appliances before restoring gas and electrical power.

Health risks

Health hazards are a big concern. Sewage contains many germs that can be harmful to your health. They can also present a hazard if the water level is high enough to reach plugs or electrical outlets. Sewage backup can also cause property damage. If your property is under water for long periods of time, it can soak into flooring as well as furniture, mattresses and other belongings.

Calling for help after sewer damage

In some cases, there are things you can do to clean up the problem caused by sewer backup. More often than not, it may be more than you can handle. For this reason, you need to call a sewer backup cleaning professional. Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration are just the people to call. They are highly trained, IICRC certified professionals with over 25 years of service. With the use of specialize cleaning equipment, techniques and their Esporta soft-contents wash system, they can save many precious articles; their use of decontamination chambers gets their technicians safe and clean so contaminants won’t spread in your home. Do what you can to clean, but leave the tough stuff to the professionals. Call Soil-Away at (603) 641-6555.
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