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reparing flood damage Windham NH

Repairing Flood Damage – Windham, NH

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When water damage strikes, it can have devastating circumstances on the people and communities it hits. On a small scale it can flood a basement. On a large scale, regional flooding can cripple a city, even Windham NH, socially, economically and environmentally. One of the largest challenges of dealing with this unfortunate circumstance is repairing flood damage to personal property.

Regional flooding causes major problems

  • personal injury or loss of life (human and animal)
  • landscape erosion
  • destruction of crops
  • property damage
  • bad health conditions due to unsafe water.

It can destroy structures and bridges and leave people displaced from their homes. Many of these situations impact a community long term. Unclean water, loss of electricity and communication, plus the closing of businesses and schools are just some larger flood-based issues. These are all devastating circumstances. In these instances, your first thought should be your well-being and that of your loved ones. Turn on your battery-operated radio and listen for evacuation instructions. Be safe! Once you make sure it’s safe to return home and your family has made it through; the rebuilding begins. Now you need to concentrate on repairing flood damage.

Dealing with smaller water damage situations

Not every water damage situation is a catastrophic flood. Everyday Windham residents deal with minor things such as a roof leak, washing machine overflow, sump-pump failure or pipe burst. Repairing flood damage from these sources can be frustrating but should be overcome relatively quickly with the proper response.

Here are some helpful tips when dealing with water damage at your Windham, NH property:

  • Ensure safety: Be cautious of electrocution, slip-and-falls, contaminated water, collapsing ceilings. Water damage is dangerous. Take the proper safety precautions.
  • Stop the source: What is causing the water damage? Find it and stop it if possible. Do you know where your water shut-off valve is for your home?
  • Document the damage: Take pictures and notes of what you see and what happened. This will come in handy for the insurance claim.
  • Mitigate the problem: You need to take measure to minimize and reverse the damage. This may include flood water extraction and dry out. Calling a professional restoration contractor is usually advised.
  • Submit a claim: It is worth a call to your insurance company or agent to discuss the damages. Often, a claim should be submitted.

Repairing flood damage with a professional

If you are a victim of water damage from a burst pipe or of a major natural disaster you will, most likely, need help. You may think you can save a buck by doing it yourself. This may not be the case, on the long run, you may end up with more than you can handle. Do you have the equipment to get rid of all the water? Do you have a way to protect yourself from the contaminants the water has? Are you sure you’ve extracted enough water that mold will not be an issue? Do you have the means and the know-how to restore your home back to normal? If you answered no to any of these questions you should call a professional.

Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration can do all this for you. Repairing flood damage is their specialty. They have the equipment to remove water from the premises safely. Soil-Away can detect how much moisture is hidden and needs to be removed. They can check for mold. It will all be done quickly and safely. With over 30 years of experience, they have the expertise to deal with your water damage issues and restore your home to its previous beauty. For flood damage restoration in Windham, NH, call Soil-Away 24/7 at 603-641-6555.

Written by E. Aceves.

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