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How Flood Waters Can Affect Your Health

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Floods can occur at any time. They are a real threat in the spring as a result of melting snow from a particularly snowy winter. They can occur in the spring through autumn months from an excessive rainy season. Whatever the reason, we are not really safe from floods. While we know we should flee to higher grounds and heed evacuation warnings; we also have to return home where our houses may be, at least partially, covered in flood waters. We need to be on the alert as to how flood waters can affect your health.

Flood risks and precautions

There are several risks involved after a flood:

  • Electric shock – floods can happen during hurricanes and thunderstorms that produce high winds. These can cause bring down power lines which, if submerged in water, can cause an electrical current. Any flooded structure with electrical equipment or outlets below the water line are also a hazard. Report any fallen power lines to the electric company. Make sure the main power is off before entering any severely flooded building.
  • Infectious diseases – walking through flood waters while you have an open wound or sore can subject you to damaging viruses, infections or diseases from contaminated water. Protect yourself by treating and covering wounds and wearing protective gear before trudging through water.
  • Sharp objects – if you’re walking through murky, standing water watch out for any sharp objects that could be hidden from view; nails, broken glass, metal. These can lead to injuries and infection. Avoid walking through standing water, if you must, be sure to wear protective shoes and pants.
  • Unstable structures – floods can cause structural damage to buildings. Never enter a building without clearance. If you are inside the building when the flood happens, leave as soon as you can, particularly if you hear unfamiliar sounds. These sounds could mean the structure is on the verge of collapse.

Take extra safety measures when dealing with flood waters

There are so many things to look out for after a flood. Your safety and health are important. Keep yourself and your family safe. Be on the lookout for the risks and practice the above precautions. You must also be prepared for the danger of wildlife. Many household pets express their fear through anger. Be cautious of what you ingest. Many food and water sources may have been contaminated and are no longer safe for consumption.

Call the professionals for flood damage repairs

You’ve come back to your property which has sustained heavy flood damage. What to do? Call the disaster cleanup and repair professionals at Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration. They can help with water extraction; they can help with any structural damage sustained by your home, and they can even help with any mold problem that should occur. They are fast, friendly and extremely professional. With nearly 30 years of service this IICRC certified company is more than equipped to help you with your flood damage issue. Soil-Away is available 24/7 with the equipment and the know-how to restore your home to its previous beauty. Call them at (603) 641-6555.

Written by E. Aceves

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