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Storm Damage Restoration – Eliot, Maine

Storm Damage Restoration – Eliot, Maine

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Property damage is a reality for residents of Eliot, ME. Harsh weather can lead to falling trees, roof leaks, flooded basements and more. These scenarios lead property owners with the need to hire a professional storm damage restoration company. Having someone you can call 24/7 in the event of property disaster is a must. A quick response to stabilize, clean and repair a storm damaged property can make the difference between a minor emergency and a large disaster. That is why residents of Eliot trust Soil-Away at 800-293-6319.

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How Flood Waters Can Affect Your Health

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Floods can occur at any time. They are a real threat in the spring as a result of melting snow from a particularly snowy winter. They can occur in the spring through autumn months from an excessive rainy season. Whatever the reason, we are not really safe from floods. While we know we should flee to higher grounds and heed evacuation warnings; we also have to return home where our houses may be, at least partially, covered in flood waters. We need to be on the alert as to how flood waters can affect your health.

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